Despite the petrifying pandemics repressing millions of people and businesses all over the world, we tried our best to keep things going and provide our community with top-notch streaming experiences. Hopefully, we did a decent job in this department. Our second biggest goal was to keep developing and improving our products to help you grow with us.

We at Restream are always keeping an eye on the most interesting trends and innovations in the world of live streams. We’ve managed to make this summer incredibly productive in terms of implementing new features, some of which prove we can be innovators ourselves! Let’s discover all the new amazing possibilities you now have in this brief recap.

Summer 2020 Restream updates

This summer we’ve made it possible for our users to easily invite guests to their live streams, broadcast in Full HD, record sessions to later repurpose the content, etc. Here are the top updates you might’ve missed.

💫 Restream Studio updates

We are gradually increasing the features Restream Studio can offer. What started as a simple tool to help you get rid of unnecessary tabs and third-party apps has now become a multifunctional streaming solution that allows you to do virtually any type of live stream.

This summer we’ve made lots of improvements to Restream Studio. First of all, you can now invite guests directly to your live stream by simply sharing one link. This enables you to host professional live shows and interviews while at home in your PJs. You can have up to ten participants on-screen during your live streams!

Another cool feature we’ve added to Restream Studio’s arsenal is screen sharing. Need to show some graphs or presentations? Simply run them on your device and share the screen with your audience.

One more noteworthy addition is the ability to upload your video files and play them directly on the stream! How can this be useful? Well, you can simply upload videos and use them as pre-rolls, stream breaks, or post-rolls for your live sessions.

📅 Restream Events

With this new feature, you can always be sure your viewers are aware of your scheduled broadcasts. How does it work? You simply need to schedule a live stream via Restream Events, and we will automatically share the link with your audience. You can also get the link to your scheduled event to share it manually with your viewers.

Currently, this feature is supported by Facebook Live and YouTube Live. We create unique streaming keys for your events, meaning you have to start broadcasting directly from your event page via Restream Studio or OBS.

📹 Recording your live streams

Finally, you can download your streams directly from Restream. The recordings of your live streams are available for 15 to 30 days, depending on your subscription plan. Each time you stream, you will have your recording ready to be downloaded in your Restream dashboard.

Our streamers can now easily repurpose their live streams and create amazing highlight videos, teasers, podcasts, etc. There are three available options: downloading an audio-only version, downloading a full MP4 video, or playing the video directly in Restream. Having the audio version readily available is going to save on conversion time when creating podcasts.

🖥 Live streaming in Full HD

When it comes to streaming quality, we believe our users deserve to have simply the best possible. Recently, we have added the ability to stream in the Full HD video format via Restream Studio. Be among the first to stun your viewers with exceptional quality! To enable Full HD, simply jump over to your Restream Studio and change the quality in the settings.

Make sure, though, that your upload speed can handle 1080p live videos. Somewhere around 15 to 20 Mbps should be more than enough to stream in Full HD without any hiccups. And don’t forget to upgrade your webcam. However, you can still stream in Full HD even if your webcam doesn’t support the format. This way you ensure your presentations and uploaded videos are displayed in the best quality.

🤑 $50M Series A

Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to achieve amazing heights. Thanks to your support, we’ve managed to consistently provide top-notch services. And thanks to your support, we’ve been constantly developing and improving our products. We are happy to announce that Restream has raised $50M in Series A financing, which in turn helped us officially launch Restream Studio out of beta.

The funding, led by Sapphire Ventures and Insight Partners, shows the contribution Restream has already made in the live streaming market and indicates our goals for what hopefully will be a bright future for all of us!

🔗 New platforms (Trovo + Mixcloud)

We always listen to your requests and try to implement them as soon as possible. To prove our point, recently we added Trovo and Mixcloud to our supported streaming platforms. You asked, and we did it!

Trovo is a brand-new gaming platform that helps streamers start their careers in a friendly, no-monopoly environment. Mixcloud is also a new streaming platform, which is designed specifically for musicians and audio-oriented content creators. Connecting to both Trovo and Mixcloud via Restream is now super easy!

Let’s wrap it all up

We understand that many people and businesses had to set their sights on live streaming due to the horrible COVID situation. Therefore, we wanted to make sure our users had everything they needed to help them achieve their streaming goals. With this thought in mind, we plunged into hard work. Let’s quickly recap our most impactful summer 2020 updates:

  • Restream Studio improvements
  • Restream Events
  • Recording your live streams
  • Live streaming in Full HD
  • Series A funding
  • New streaming platforms: Trovo and Mixcloud

We are hopeful that this autumn brings all of us more positive moments to share with friends, families, communities, and viewers all over the world. Stay safe and healthy! Thank you for choosing Restream ❤️