Live streaming technology offers so much more than just immediate communication with viewers. Audiences watch live streams on social networks and gaming sites for the real-time interaction and engagement. You can’t get that with traditional TV, and consumers don’t think TV is essential anymore. Only 60% of U.S. households had pay-TV services in 2021 — a drop from 91% in 2010. The best way to take advantage of the booming live streaming industry is to stream to multiple platforms at the same time. When it comes to multistreaming, there is no better solution than Restream. Here are seven main reasons you need to use Restream for your next multistream.

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Reach a wider audience by streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously.
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1. You can go live in minutes

Live streaming is all about breaking down barriers. You don’t need to have a production company to create and broadcast your live show. You don’t even need to have any professional-grade gear to be able to stream online — you can start live streaming with nothing but your webcam. Thanks to Restream, you don’t have to limit yourself to one platform either.

We’ve gone a step further in making multistreaming simpler and more accessible. Thanks to our cloud-based live streaming solution, Restream Studio, you can start live streaming to multiple websites in minutes with only your browser and a webcam. And that’s not even the best part. With Restream Studio you get:

  • Customized live streams with your own graphics (overlays, logos and backgrounds)
  • The ability to use captions — add call to actions (CTAs) or other important messages
  • A chat window where you can monitor what your viewers are saying
  • Streaming with multiple participants – invite multiple participants from all over the world directly to your live stream