There are two ways to live stream to Twitch from the PS4. You can use the PS4’s built-in broadcast capabilities, or you can use a capture card.

Stream to Twitch with the PS4 broadcast feature

  1. Link your Twitch account to your PS4.
  2. Turn on your PS4 and select Settings from the home screen.
  3. Select Account Management, then “link with other services.”
  4. Select the streaming service you want to use, Twitch in this case.
  5. Sign in to your Twitch account. You will have to open a web browser on another device to enter a Twitch activation code.
  6. Start broadcasting from your PS4.
  7. Launch the game you’d like to stream on Twitch.
  8. Tap the Share button on your PS4 controller.
  9. Select Broadcast Gameplay from the Share menu that pops up on the left side.
  10. Select Twitch as your streaming service on the Broadcast Gameplay page.
  11. Adjust your video settings, including video quality and naming your stream. You can also go live with your PlayStation Camera and microphone.
  12. End your stream by pressing the Share button on your controller again, selecting Broadcast Settings from the Share menu, then selecting Stop Broadcasting.

Stream to Twitch with a PS4 and capture card

  1. Connect your PS4 to your capture card and your capture card to your computer.
  2. If your capture card has a mic and headphone connection, you can connect your headset and controller to the capture card as well.
  3. If your capture card does not have a mic and headphone connection, you will need to connect your controller and headphones to a mic/audio splitter. Then, connect the splitter to the capture card, and the capture card to the computer. With this setup, you will need to connect a standalone mic to your computer for commentary.
  4. Set up your live streaming service (we’ll use OBS as an example).
  5. Open OBS on your computer and go to Settings.
  6. Click on the Stream tab, then choose Twitch as your streaming service. Connect your Twitch account using your stream key.
  7. Click on the Advanced tab in Settings and ensure your Process Priority is High or Above normal.
  8. Toggle video and audio settings using the Video and Audio tabs. Remember the highest resolution and fps Twitch can handle is 1080p and 60 fps.
  9. Start your stream.
  10. Add your capture card as a source in OBS.
  11. Arrange sources in the streaming window to create new scenes, which can enhance your stream. This step is where you’ll add overlays, your webcam, a chat window, or other elements.
  12. Click Start Streaming in OBS once you have everything set up.

👉 Pro tip:

If you don’t have a capture card and want to stream to multiple platforms at once, you can also use the PS4 Remote Play client. You can capture your PS4 gameplay remotely on your computer and stream it with encoding software like OBS. When you connect Restream to OBS, you can send your broadcast to Twitch, as well as multiple other platforms simultaneously. Read our help article to learn how to do it.