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Scale faster than ever before by optimizing your influencer program.

Thousands of livestreams

Let relevant content creators make videos and build relationships with your players.

Hundreds of thousands of views

Aggregate the audience from streamers’ communities and turn them into your fans.

Boosted game popularity

Climb the rankings across all streaming platforms.
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How it works

Create a campaign

Setup your budget and goals

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Target relevant communities

By activating the right streamers

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Measure the result

Impressions, Engagement, Unique content and Brand awareness

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How it works

Create a campaignYellow bubble
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Case studies

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Turned-based strategy

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Frequently asked questions

How are the ads delivered?
Streamers broadcast the gameplay or review the game on their channels to their audience. No pop-up, banners, or skip buttons. The audience consumes your ad natively with the content.
Who are the ads served to?
The sponsored broadcasts appear before the viewers and communities of the participating streamers; this way, your ad is the content created by the broadcaster.
How does the pricing work?
The tool itself is free to use. Payment is only required when you set the budget for the campaign to pay the sponsored content creators to promote the game.
How do I pay for my campaign?
For your convenience, we accept credit cards, ACH, and wire transfers.
How do I interact with streamers?
The Restream platform will take care of everything, including streamer notifications, the sign-up process, reporting, payments to streamers, ETC. So there's no need for you to communicate with hundreds of streamers directly; instead, you only need to set up your campaign and view the results.

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