Product changes

Meet major pricing update!

Free Facebook

We’re proud to present our new pricing update! It consists of two major changes:

Free Facebook Live

You asked for it and we did it! Now, you can easily stream to Facebook personal profiles for free. ⚡️

Extra Destinations

We simplified the way we call things. No more Custom RTMPs and Doublings. Now, it’s called as simple as Extra Destination. Wish to add one more YouTube channel? It’s an Extra Destination. Wish to add a custom streaming server (aka Custom RTMP)? It’s an Extra Destination. All Custom RTMPs and Doublings you currently have will be converted in Extra Destinations.

👏Let everybody know about our major update!

Twitter Facebook

XSplit 3.7 FTL Update

XSplit 3.7 FTL Update

😎 The XSplit broadcaster now has full support for Mixer FTL Streaming via Restream!

Check out our recent blog post to learn more about our updated integration in XSplit 3.7 Integration Integration

⚡️ The Restream Scheduler is partnering with!

Now, you can quickly move your approved videos into the Scheduler and start streaming with ease.

Learn how to enable the integration here!

OBS Restream Widget Update!

Restream OBS Widgets

The time is finally here; OBS Studio has just updated to officially support along with our brand new set of widgets!

What’s new

  • Restream instant login added!
    • Forget copying keys and opening multiple webpages. Now you can select “Authorize Account,” and it’s setup!
  • Restream Chat joins OBS.
    • You read that correctly; the Restream Chat will now directly appear within OBS once you authorize your account.
  • Restream Title & Game widget.
    • We’ve added a real game-changing widget, oh and it also can change your titles.

Need help getting things set up? Check out our full OBS Tutorial.

March Product Updates

March Product Updates

The Restream monthly report for March is officially here, so before you march on into April, let’s take a look back to see what happened with Restream during the month.

Read Blog Post

Game Titles Update

Game Titles Update

🎮 We’ve supercharged the way you set your games with Restream!

👾 Head on over to our Title page now and instantly set your game for every channel!

Suggest More Game Names

Restream is now available in German!

Guten Tag, Deutschland

🇩🇪 Guten Tag, Deutschland!

🦑 Restream ist jetzt auf Deutsch verfügbar!

⚙️ Ändern Sie es in Ihren Einstellungen

Restream Go Live

Restream Go Live

🔥 We’re proud to present our new feature — Restream Go Live!

Now you can go live directly from your browser using your computer’s webcam.

Check our recent blog post to see the story behind the idea or jump right into streaming on the Restream dashboard.

Facebook Gaming has arrived!

Facebook Gaming

We’ve officially released our Facebook Gaming integration! 🙌

🎮 Now you can instantly change your Facebook game and title directly from within Restream

Restream is now available in Spanish!

Spanish Support

🇪🇸 ¡Bienvenido a interfaz de Restream en español!

Échale un vistazo

Mixer FTL is here!

Mixer FTL

The day has finally come…

Restream will now officially support Mixer’s FTL! 🚀

Using the latest and greatest version of OBS Studio will allow you to access this brand new feature.

Check out our latest blog post for more about FTL streaming!

Blog Post

Last Session Chat Analytics

Last Session Chat Analytics

Introducing, last session chat analytics!

Now you can easily see how well your chat performed instantly after each stream 🤩

Head over to our analytics dashboard now to check it out

Chat Analytics

Improved Russian Language Support

Russian Language Support

😎 Restream интерфейс Абсолютли на Русском! Вот так вот!

⚙️ Чтобы увидеть новые изменения, поменяйте язык в настройках —


Facebook Public Page replies!

Facebook Public Page replies

🤩The Restream Chat has just been updated to officially support Facebook Public Page replies!

That’s right, now you can easily read and reply to users on your Facebook Page directly within the Restream Chat 💬

Compact Mode!

Restream Chat Compact Mode

Do you have an active chat that you wish you could see more of, or just looking to decrease the size of your chat messages?

Introducing the brand new Compact Mode theme for the Restream chat, allowing you to do just that!

Restream Chat Settings

Restream is now available in Brazilian Portuguese!

Restream is now available in Brazilian Portuguese!

👋 Restream agora está oficialmente disponível em Português do Brasil! Vá agora mesmo ao seu Dashboard para conferir.

🌍 Restream is now officially available in Brazilian Portuguese! Head to your Dashboard now to check it out!

First Server added in Tel Aviv!

First Server added in Tel Aviv!

The Restream Squid has officially touched down in Tel Aviv, Israel!

We are excited to announce that we have officially added a new Restream Ingest server in Tel Aviv! Look out for our new server on your dashboard.

First Server added in Istanbul!

First Server added in Istanbul!

Selam türkiye! Restream has just added a brand new server to Istanbul, Turkey!

Now even more happy Restreamers can connect and multistream in high quality.

New User Menu

New User Menu!

Our design team has been busy at work redesigning Restream from the ground up to make it easier, faster and more intuitive!

Now it’s time to release our fresh new user menu, making navigating around Restream a blast. Go check out this new addition now by logging into your account!

Log In

Session Analytics

Session Analytics!

Interested to see how you performed on your last stream? What a coincidence!

Because we’ve just added Sessions to our Analytic Dashboard, organizing your viewer stats, peak time, watched minutes, popular words and more, all in one convenient location.

Session Analytics

DLive officially comes to Restream!

DLive officially comes to Restream!

We are stoked to announce that every Restreamer can now easily add and stream to!

Are you excited to give DLive a try? So are we! That’s why, for a limited time only, we are offering 30% off all Restream Subscriptions if you use the link below.

Claim your discount!

Black Friday is Here!

Black Friday is Here!

The biggest savings event of the year is finally here!

We’re celebrating Black Friday by giving all Restream users 60% off subscriptions!

Get 60% off!

One Million Streamers!

One Million Streamers

Restream started out 4 years ago with one simple goal in mind, make multistreaming easier and more accessible. By using a community first attitude, we’ve managed to develop a platform that streamers continuously praise and rely on.

Now it’s time we take a bow and thank our amazing community for helping us reach 1,000,000 happy Restreamers, here’s to another million!

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Chat Filtering is Here

Chat Filtering is Here

Chat Filtering is an entirely new way to experience the Restream Chat for you and your viewers! Now you can easily remove spam, common bots and unwanted language from your Resteam chat messages. 💬 Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Check it out!

Introducing Twitch Viewer Badges

Introducing Twitch Viewer Badges

Introducing the newest addition to our Restream Chat, Twitch viewer badges! That’s right; now you’ll be able to see Moderators, Broadcasters, Subscribers, Primers, Staffers and more, all directly beside their Twitch usernames.

Check it out!

Social Alerts for Discord

Social Alerts for Discord

We are excited to announce our new Social Alert platform addition, Discord! Our new Discord integration will instantly notify your community when you go live on Restream by broadcasting your Social Alert message to your chosen guild channel.

Connect Discord!

Restream's Brand New Webchat!

Restream Chat

The all-new Restream Chat lets users manage all their live comments on one screen, connect cross-platform audiences via message mirroring, embed chat in streams, integrate with Discord, centralize all Facebook Live messages, and more.

Go check it out!

Restream's API integration is here! API integration

Restreaming to just got a whole lot easier with our new one-click API integration; head over to your Dashboard now to instantly connect for your next Restream!

Facebook API

Facebook API

We are humbled to announce that Restream now officially supports streaming to the Facebook Live API! This new integration allows Facebook streamers to add their pages, groups, and profiles to Restream with the click of a button.

Periscope Bitrate Update

Periscope Bitrate Update

Periscope has officially updated their supported bitrate from the previous cap of 800kbs to a whopping cap of 4000kbs! But what does this mean for you? Well, this means your streams to Periscope can be higher bitrate without transcoding, which mean you now have the ability to deliver even more fantastic quality streams to your audience!

Check out the new broadcast requirements for Periscope in our Help Center.

HTML5 Preview Player Update

HTML5 Preview Player Update

We’re leaving Flash in the Past with our new HTML5 Preview Player update! Now you can preview your stream easily, quickly and seamlessly across all devices at any time.

Enable The HTML5 Player

Restream High-end Graphics Card Contest

Restream High-end Graphics Card Contest

Excited to share Restream with the world, but not sure how? Let your creativity loose on a tutorial about how to use one of our streaming features, and you could win a high-end Graphics Card!

Enter Now

Restream WebChat Relay Beta

Restream WebChat Relay

Our new WebChat Relay feature allows you to keep your audience involved in the conversation across all your platforms by relaying their messages to each connected destination. But that’s not even the best part, because setting up this relay feature is as easy as ticking a box!

Restream Fallback Beta

Restream Fallback

We’ve just released a brand new fallback feature; allowing you to easily maintain your streaming health even if your mainstream goes offline. Our fallback feature has been expertly engineered to maximize your streaming experience by allowing you to sustain two incoming streams and seamlessly switching between them in the event of an error.

Join Our Beta

Restream RTMP Pull Beta

Our new RTMP Pull feature allows you to use an existing Restream as a picture-in-picture or full-frame source! Use RTMP Pull to translate streams live or to include live content within your stream instantly. Excited to learn more about this feature? Check out our support article.

Restream Analytics Beta

Restream Analytics

We’ve finished our closed beta testing on our new fantastic Analytics feature! Now after some intense debugging and feature improvements, we are ready to go Public Beta with our latest version of the Restream Analytics!

Jump into your Streaming Analytics now, and let us know if you run into any kinks or bugs in our 24/7 Live Chat!

Check It Out

New Restream server added in Paris

New server Paris

Bonjour Paris, we’re excited to unveil our brand new server located in the heart of the city of love! Now even more streamers can start Restreaming to their audience today.

Happy Restreaming!

Restream Analytics Early Access

Restream Analytics

Restream Analytics is a new way to visualize your multistreaming metrics, and we need your help to test it! Register now and you could be selected to be among the first to use our new Analytic dashboard.

Registration Closed

Welcome aboard FC2

Full FC2Live Support

Grow your audience even faster by adding FC2 as a streaming destination on your next stream! Need help getting FC2 setup? Check out this Help Doc written by our fantastic support rep Mihail.

New Restream server added in Japan

New server Japan

Kon’nichiwa Nihon, We’ve added a new server location in Japan to help streamers across the world connect and share their favorite moments live on all their favorite platforms.

Happy Restreaming!

Schedule pre-recorded videos to go live

Restream Scheduler

Every content creator knows that a consistent schedule of live content is key to growing an audience and keeping them engaged. Sometimes it feels like in order to keep up with the competition as a successful streamer, you need to be live all the time. We thought that there had to be a better way for content creators to stream quality content to their audience, even when they may not be in front of their computers. So we built Restream Scheduler!

Read more

How to Multistream with Facebook's Persistent Stream Key?

Set it and Forget it with Facebook’s new Persistent Stream Key!

Restreaming with Facebook just got a whole lot easier with Facebook’s new Persistent stream key! Now you can quickly add your Facebook Stream to Restream and go live as often as you want without needing to update your Facebook Stream Key!

Check out our Support Article.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Restream + vMix

We are happy to announce that from now on vMix has a full integration with Restream service. You can simply select it from the list and authorize your Restream account. No more need of copying keys and links, no more custom service. Utilize the full functionality from your professional vMix software with Restream!

Download vMix

Christmas Giveaway


Learn more

Black Friday 2017

Save 65%

This day is black! It has come! Exclusively for 72 hours you are able to get Restream paid features with insane 65% discount!

Getting yearly plans gives you more benefits!

Check it Out

Social Alerts Update

Social Alerts Update

Twitter and Restream have both just updated to support 280 characters in your Social Alert announcement messages! Now you can link all your connected platforms in your Social Alert tweets.

P.S. you will need to reconnect your Twitter account to make it work.

Go to Social Alerts

Introducing Restream Scheduler

New Product by

Great news! Restream Scheduler - is a special service fully integrated with which allows you to upload and schedule pre-recorded videos to go live on one or multiple platforms at a specific date and time.


Halloween Sale!

Halloween Sale! Get 45% Off!

Winners of #ResteamTrashMeme Contest


Hey there guys! What’s up?!

We have picked up our Winners from 4 categories, we are proudly present you the best of the best in this unforgiving contest!





Please, do not forget to open your DM so we will be able to contact you!

If you will not respond within 7 days to claim your prize, we will have to re-pick the winner!

Thank you!

Connect Picarto.TV via API


Great news for the artist out there!

You can now save your time and connect your Picarto with API, no need to fill in any forms or keys, just authorize and you are ready to go!

Hello Spain! New server in Madrid

New server location Madrid

Hey there! As we promised we are growing our geographical influence! This time we cover up a hot and sunny country in Europe!

All welcome Spain! A brand new server location, tune in for a better experience!

#ResteamTrashMeme Contest

ResteamTrashMeme Contest

Getting prizes from Restream never been easier! All you need to do is to create a meme and Tweet it! Jump in now and become an Restream TrashMaster!

Check it out

Restream Monitor

Restream Monitor

Restream Monitor is a special tool that allows you to monitor your streams in real time! Easily see incoming and outgoing streams data for all of your connected platforms, with a sleek intuitive interface.

This awesome new tool will help you instantly find issues with your stream and maximize the quality across all of your destinations! Oh, and it’s free! 😉

Check it out

Referral program is here

Referral program Getting the Restream paid features had never been so easy! Simply invite your friends, followers, subscribers and get the special credits on your account which can be used to purchase. You will get $2 in credits for each signed up user who streamed more than 3 hours and 20% of each first purchase for each separate function.

Check it out

Use Restream with XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit It’s much more easier to use Restream with XSplit Broadcaster, as their latest version allows you simply to get a Restream destination plugin and jump right into the multi-streaming action.

Go now and get your Restream XSplit connection!

Beam renamed to Mixer

Beam Mixer

It’s time to mix it up with Beam’s newly renamed platform Mixer!

Head over to Restream now to mix Mixer into your Multistream today!

Web Chat

Restream Web Chat

Looking for a way to interact with your multistream chat on every platform seamlessly?

The new Restream Read Only Web Chat takes everything users loved about our native Windows Application and brings it to a web interface. Finally, users on any platform can interact with their chat from any channel connected to the Restream Dashboard.

Why wait? Dive in!

Transcoding Update

Restream Transcoding Update

Use Restream’s new Transcoding feature to automatically optimize channels with bitrate limits lower than your incoming stream.

This can be useful for sites like Periscope, which have low bitrate caps.

To learn more about Transcoding, check out our Help Center.

Welcome Smashcast

Azubu and Hitbox are now Smashcast.

We’ve converted all Hitbox channels to Smashcast channels.

Connect your Smashcast channel today!


Speed Test

Speed Test

You can test it here.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication

Today we’re adding two-factor authentication to Restream. Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security to your account so if your password is compromised or stolen, only you can log in.

You can enable it in your account settings.

To use two-factor authentication, please, download one of these apps:


Periscope API

Periscope API

Great news. Restream becomes an official partner of Twitter.

Add Periscope via API

Welcome YouNow

New Platform YouNow

Social Alerts Update

Social Alerts Update

With Social Alerts section you can notify your followers when you go live.

Just add your message and Restream will automatically send it any time you start broadcasting.

We’ve added support of Facebook groups and pages.


Restream Transcoding Beta is Ready

Transcoding Beta

Ready to bring your stream to even more platforms in every supported bitrate possible, and the ability to deliver the best quality streams to your audiences no matter what? Well, your’re in luck!

Restream is getting ready to introduce the most game changing feature on the market, and we need you to help us beta test it. If you are interested in entering the Restream Transcoding Beta please use the button below.

See you in HD soon!

Welcome Bilibili

New Platform Bilibili

Twitch's new bitrate guidelines

Twitch's new bitrate guidelines

Twitch has officially updated their supported bitrate from the previous cap of 3500kbs to a whopping cap of 6000kbs! But what does this mean for you? Well, this means your streams to Twitch can be higher bitrate, which mean you now have the ability to deliver even more fantastic quality streams to your audience! However, the proof is in the pudding, check out the new broadcast requirements for Twitch on Twitch Help Center.

Save more with promo codes

Save more with promo codes

Users can now use Promo Codes on Checkout!

Use the code RESTREAMSPRING and get 40% off on ALL plans until March 18th*.

You can check out all our pricing here.

*Discount is only valid on the first purchase

Buy more! Save more!

Buy more! Save more!

We’ve updated our pricing.

You can check it here.

Hello Asia! New server in Seoul

Seoul Server

Привет! Russian language support


Hey there!

We’ve added support of Russian language

You can change your language at the account settings.

Welcome AfreecaTV

Welcome AfreecaTV

Get more with PRO account

Get more with PRO account

We here at Restream have just released one of our long awaited features, Pro Accounts!

Pro Accounts come with the ability to seamlessly switch connected channels on and off without the user having to restart their encoder!

With even more impressive features coming soon, why not sign up today?

For the next few days, get 50% off the plan of your choice.

Upgrade Pro

Referral Contest Results

Referral Contest Results

We’d like to thank all the amazing streamers who took part in our Referral contest!

It`s time to annouce the winners!

  1. YUSHAWOT - Sony Playstation 4PRO + Elgato Gaming Capture HD 60
  2. SNEAKY4OE - NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070
  3. RUSSIAN - Elgato Gaming Capture HD 60

The first 10 places get Xsplit PRO with a year license.

Contestants who took places 11 to 40 will get XSplit Pro on a 6-month license.

Plus, all participants can convert earned credits into Restream Pro Features.


Restream &

Restream API for Developers

Restream API

We love supporting developers building meaningful Restream integrations and applications.

Check it out

Elgato Gaming and Restream become partners

Elgato Gaming and Restream

A new partnership between Elgato Gaming and Restream allows creators/streamers to easily broadcast gameplay from their Xbox, PlayStation, Wii U and more to multiple streaming services such as Youtube, Twitch, Beam and 30+ others simultaneously.

Halloween Sale!

Halloween Sale! Get 50% Off!

Restream launches Affiliates Contest

Affiliate contest

Major chat update

Major chat update

New settings tab for embedding chat in your stream!

  • Awesome themes for chat by default.
  • Customize messages with a real-time preview!
  • View chat messages via your mobile device with a special QR Code! Live Chat!

  • Only works when Facebook Live is connected via RTMP.

Bot is here!

  • Send static or random message.
  • Send text file content.
  • Run application, script, play sound file or open url.
  • Schedule command execution.
  • Variables.
  • Message relay between chats.
  • Voice commands(English Windows only).

Hello, Russia

Hello, Russia


Restream officially supports live streaming to

Live streamers around the world have the potential to reach a larger audience on Europe’s leading social network, which is available in over 80 languages and boasts over 360 million registered users with 90 million active daily users.

VK launched its live streaming feature on September 21 to a limited selection of top creators before opening the new video service to all users at a later date.

Affiliate contest

Affiliate contest

Hello Asia! New server in Singapore


Welcome Mobcrush

Hey folks, Be ready to stream your mobile gameplay to Mobcrush.

Restream and Mobcrush

Results of Video Tutorial Contest

Today we’re excited to announce the winner of the Video Tutorial Contest!

Manuel González Perea has got the first place in the nomitation “The largest number of views” and won a powerful graphic card NVIDIA GTX 1080!

Restream Team decided that Matt’s Philie perfomance was the best.
Elgato Game Capture HD60 goes to him!

All contestants will get an access to Restream’s premium features!

  • 1-10 places: 2 Custom RTMP and 2 Doubling for one year

  • 11-59 places: 1 Custom RTMP and 1 Doubling for 6 months

Video Tutorial Contest

Guys, thank you for your contribution to the Restream community.

P.S. Stay tuned for more contests and awesome prizes;)

Restream team

Titles and Games

Titles and Games

We’ve launched beta of Titles and Games.

For now it works only for Beam, Hitbox, Twitch and Youtube, which were connected via API.

Video Tutorial Contest

Video Tutorial Contest

Make a video tutorial about Restream or Restream Chat and win a powerful NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphic card if your video gets the largest number of views.

You can submit any number of videos in any language that you want.

The deadline to post your video is July 20.

Join Contest


Сhew TV

New server in Dallas


New server in Canada


Restream in OBS settings