Capture and Stream Everywhere
Restream & vMix have partnered up to make streaming everywhere as simple as possible!
Per month with 1 year prepaid
Expires at 11:59 PST on 8/24
$78 $50
Capture with vMix, broadcast with Restream, go live everywhere
  • Capture and share live content with your followers
  • Live stream a show, interview, or conference
  • Host a live competition or sporting event
  • Engage with your community cross platform
Create professional live streams
The simplest way to create, stream and record professional multi-cam live productions on your PC.
Add remote interview guests
Easily create your own talk show and add guests to your live stream with vMix Call.
Customize your streams
Personalize your broadcasts with overlays, transitions, music, stingers, PiP, double boxes and more.
Supports a wide range of inputs
vMix supports many different inputs including cameras, webcams, videos, images, powerpoints, IP cameras, web content, DVDs, NDI®, desktop captures and many more.
Stream to 30+ platforms
Stream to Steam, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, Mixer, and 30 other platforms simultaneously.
Aggregate your chats
Aggregate real-time chats across all platforms and respond from one single app.
Business Analytics
Analyze the performance of your streams and compare them to each other in terms of reach, engagement, views, and more.
Channel Doubling & Custom RTMPs
Stream to custom platforms of your choice, stream to multiple channels or pages on a platform, or stream to your own website.
Restream Professional & vMix HD
Features included in the bundle
Restream Professional
Regular Subscription Price
one year prepaid
  • 30+ Streaming Platforms Globally
  • Stream Quality Monitoring
  • No limit of bitrate
  • 3 Facebook Channels or
    Custom RTMP
  • 3 Channels Doubling
  • Real-time Platform & Channel Toggling
  • No Restream Branding
  • Audience Insights & Analytics
  • Premium Support
vMix HD
Regular License Price
one year prepaid
  • Total Inputs — 1000
  • Camera / NDI Inputs — 1000
  • Maximum Resolution — 1920 x 1080
  • Overlay Channels — 4
  • Recording — Enabled
  • Streaming — Enabled
  • Fullscreen Output — Enabled
  • External Output — Enabled
  • Playlist — Enabled
  • Professional Color Correction— Enabled
  • Video List — Enabled
  • vMix Call — 1 Caller
$78 $50 per month with 1 year prepaid
Millions of gamers and streamers using
Restream and vMix
Including game publishers, technology companies, eSports teams and more.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will my subscription automatically renew?
To ensure uninterrupted service, your Restream subscription will be set to continuous auto-renewal payments of $49 per month. You can cancel your subscription at any time from your Billing panel and the service last the whole paid period.
How do I get more information on what's included in a Restream Pro and vMix subscription?
For more information on what's included in a Restream Pro subscription, please visit the Restream website. For more information on what's included in an vMix subscription, please visit the vMix website.
How do I find more answers to questions I have about vMix?
Have questions for vMix? Visit their Support Center or contact them on Facebook.
How do I activate my vMix upgrade once I purchase the subscription?
Once you purchase the subscription, we will email to you a Registration Key. Go to the vMix website, download vMix and install it to your computer. Once installed, enter your Registration Key. If you already have vMix installed you can enter your new key by navigating to Settings>About>Change Registration Key. For more information, check out this video.
How do I activate a Restream Pro promotion code?
Once you purchase the subscription, we will email to you a Restream Pro promotion code. Copy the promotion code, go to Restream, click on Restream Pro, and in the check out enter the promotion code. The cost will be reduced to $0 and you can check out. For more help, check out this article.