Host engaging lessons anywhere

Host engaginglessons anywhere

Multistream your classes to 30+ platforms from your browser or your favorite streaming software like OBS, VMix, and others.

Add flavor to your classes

Going live is convenient.

What your peers are saying

Intuitive Live Streaming Platform

The Livestudio system they offer is a very simple yet feature rich system to be able to do live and recorded videos.

The Scheduling system to stream pre-recorded videos YouTube is great to ensure mitigate any risks in your own internet going down during important stream.

Tom C
Daniel H.,CEO, education management

Flexible pricing

For tutors and coaches, we offer the Professional plan, $49/month:

  • Stream to 30+ platforms at once - right from your browser or favorite software
  • Facebook page & groups included
  • Stream pre-recorded classes
  • Store your broadcasts for 15 days
  • Create podcasts from streams in a click
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Flexible pricing

Our support superheroes are here to help, 24/7

Reach us in chat to get simple solutions with a human touch anytime you need us. Our goal is to make you feel at home with Restream.

Hannah Dean Hannah Dean
quote green

Hannah Dean was curious, responsive and helpful - all the things you need in an amazing customer support role. Hannah was patient and collaborative.

She was awesome thank you."

Irina Ageiskaya Irina Ageiskaya
quote green

Irina Ageiskaya, this was maybe the best user experience I had with a support agent. Quick, simple & supportive.

Very efficient and took care of the problem immediately without a lot of extraneous chatter or irrelevant information or sales pitches."

Denmark Maadil Denmark Maadil
quote green

Denmark Maadil deserves a raise, 2 weeks paid vacation and the sports car of his choosing. So understanding and graceful!

Amazing customer service!! I love Restream!"

Frequently asked questions


  • What is Restream?

    Restream is a complete live streaming solution for businesses, churches, and content creators that allows you to multistream to 30+ platforms at once.

  • How do I get started?

    Register on our website, connect platform accounts and go live in seconds right from your browser (no setup needed) or your favorite streaming tool. Learn more

  • Does Restream affect my video quality?

    No, Restream doesn't affect your video quality thanks to our innovative technology.


  • Can I stream in Full HD?

    Yes, Restream Studio allows you to stream in Full HD right from your browser. However, some platforms don't support it.

  • Can I stream with stereo sound?

    Yes, Restream Studio supports stereo sound. This feature comes with the professional plan.

  • Can I stream using streaming software?

    Yes, you can use any 3rd party streaming software or our intuitive web-based Restream Studio. Learn more


  • Do I need additional bandwidth to multistream?

    No, you don't need additional bandwidth to use Restream even if you stream to 30 destinations at once.

  • Do you have any bitrate limits?

    No, Restream doesn’t have any bitrate limits. Note, that sometimes platforms set their bitrate limits.

  • Does it add any delays?

    Sometimes a tiny delay may happen. This isn't affected by how many channels you have. It is always less than 2 seconds.


  • Can I stream for free?

    Yes, you can stream to 30+ platforms for free, 1 channel per platform. Our paid plans are loaded with other extra features.

  • Which plan should I choose?

    Our plans are based on the number of Custom platforms or Extra channels you need and additional features. Our support can help you pick a perfect plan. Learn more

  • What is a custom platform or extra channel?

    A custom platform is your server or a small social site. An extra destination is one more channel on the same platform. For example, your second YouTube channel. Learn more


  • Can I invite guests to the stream?

    Yes, you can add guests with an invite link. Restream supports up to 10 participants. Learn more

  • Can I stream pre-recorded videos?

    Yes, you can stream pre-recorded content live with Restream Events. It comes with our professional plan. Learn more

  • Can I stream to my server or custom destinations?

    Yes, you can use our Custom RTMP feature and stream to any custom platform that provides an RTMP URL and stream key. Learn more


  • Can I switch between cameras and audio sources?

    Yes, you can switch between cameras and microphones with a click.

  • Can I customize my stream?

    Yes, Restream offers a rich collection of themes, overlays, logos, and backgrounds for any occasion. Also, you can brand your stream with your own graphics. Learn more

  • Can I stream only audio?

    Yes, you can. You can start a live stream with a static image or black screen and broadcast your audio content.