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Audio compression

What is audio compression?

Audio compression is used to control the fullness of a sound. It makes the difference between the quietest and loudest moments smaller.

When you record a song, video or just about anything else, some moments sound louder than others and it makes the audio appear uneven. By compressing some bits of the audio recording, you can make the audio sound more even.

Does compressed audio sound better?

Compressing your audio can help improve the overall quality of your sound if used correctly. It levels out the loud and quiet parts of your audio mix so that both can be heard more clearly by listeners.

You can use audio compression for live streams to help make your sound more level. If you’re performing a song on a live stream with multiple musicians, for example, you may want to use audio compression to ensure the sound is level. Also, you might have to match audio levels if you’re planning to play background music or pre-recorded videos during your stream.