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Included with all plans: integrated chat, green screen, virtual backgrounds and analytics.

YearlySave up to 20%
A taste of multi-streaming.
  • Use Restream Studio or custom streaming software
  • 2 channels
  • 1 user
  • Multichannel chat
  • 6 on-screen guests
  • Restream branding
Essential tools for getting started.
Save $38
  • 5 channels
  • 2 users
  • 10 on-screen guests
  • Custom branding
  • Stream recording - 6hrs
  • No streaming limits

Key features:

  • Unlock Facebook Pages, Groups, and custom destinations
  • Stream to guest channels
Powerful tools for pro video creators.
Save $98
  • 8 channels
  • 4 users
  • 10 on-screen guests
  • Custom branding
  • Stream recording - 10hrs
  • No streaming limits

Key features:

  • Play pre-recorded videos - 1hr
  • Unlock Facebook Pages, Groups, and custom destinations
  • Stream to guest channels
  • Full HD (1080p) in Studio
  • Split audio track recording

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Platforms for multistreaming

Stream simultaneously to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and many others.

No need to upgrade your bandwidth.

Unlock Facebook pages, groups, and custom RTMP streaming
FB Pages & Custom platforms

Free plan is limited to streaming to a personal Facebook profile.

Paid plans allow to add Facebook pages, groups, and any custom platform or media server which supports RTMP (Wowza, Vimeo, Akamai).

Compatible with third-party streaming software: Zoom, OBS, XSplit

Connect your favorite streaming software.

Restream is natively integrated into top streaming software, like OBS Studio, Elgato, XSplit, and many others.

Stream pre-recorded videos

Forget misspeaking and unwanted interruptions in your streams.

Pre-recorded lives go off without a hitch.

Video uploads limit1 hour/2GB2 hours/5GB4 hours/10GB
Video Storage
Upload any video to our secured cloud and use it during your live streams. Storage capacity depends on the plan, please check the table below.
10 videos25 videos50 videos
Stream recording
Download the video files or their audio-only versions for repurposing and podcasting.
6 hours/stream10 hours/stream20 hours/stream20 hours/stream
Storing time for recordings
The first hours of every stream will be stored for X days.
15 days15 days30 days30 days
No Restream branding
Ability to remove Restream branding automatically.
Stream on guests' channels
Team: total seats
Increase your team to help you with streams.
Priority support

Your support requests get top priority to speed up response and resolution times.

Stream from your browser
Restream Live Studio

The best option to go live from your browser. No additional streaming software needed.

On-screen comments & captions
Text & comment overlay

Easily add any text message or choose a chat comment to show on your stream screen.

Chat overlay

Add a beautiful overlay to your stream that combines all chat activity in real-time.

Screen sharing

Switch between your webcam and screen sharing with one click.

Background music

Select AI-generated music that is infinite in length & free from copyright, licensing, and royalties.

Hi-res audio

Enjoy high-resolution 256 kbps audio on your stream.

Extra camera

Stream several points of view in extra camera mode.

Stream participants

Have several on-screen participants in the stream to entertain your audience.

Video clip uploads

Upload any video from your computer to share with your viewers. Intros, outros, countdowns, and virtually any other video can be played in Restream Studio.

No Restream watermark
Restream watermark

The semitransparent logo “Powered by Restream.io” is placed in the corner of your stream, when you go live from your browser.

Custom graphic overlays
Logos, images & backgrounds

Make your stream on-brand with your own logo.

Add custom images on top of your stream (overlays) and behind them (backgrounds).

Full HD, 1080p

Go live in Full HD (1080p) – the best quality possible.

Split audio track recording

Get separate audio tracks of every stream participant.

RTMP source

Bring RTMP streams from Zoom, OBS, and other software into Studio.

Cross-platform chat
Restream Chat

Read & reply to messages from multiple streaming platforms on one screen.

Overlay layouts & templates
Chat overlay

Stream your video with a customizable chat feed over it (if added as a browser source in your streaming software).

Relay bot

Relay bot lets your fans from Mixer, YouTube, Discord, and Twitch chat with each other.

Message delivery time

Get your chat messages updated more often on paid plans.

15 sec5 sec5 sec5 sec5 sec
Cross-platform analytics
Restream Analytics

Get insights on your live stream performance across multiple platforms – on a single screen.


Uncover how big your watching audience is – across all your platforms.


Find out which platform brings you more chatters and who the most "talkative" viewers are.

Advanced Features
Stream Health monitoring

Track your bitrate, FPS, and frame drops.

Secured RTMP Pull links
RTMP pull link

A secured playable link of your stream feed is used as a live source for the broadcasts, so you can combine several streams into one live.

Website video player

Stream to your own website

Concurrent website viewers
Concurrent Viewers

Max viewers watching the stream from your website at the same time

Streaming Amplifier

Helps to stream reliably and eliminate poor quality and frame drops, caused by streaming to distant platforms outside your region.

Failsafe stream backup

Automated system of switching between 2 streams if anything goes wrong.

Olivia M.
"Love Restream!"
Restream is super easy to set up, I didn't need any onboarding. And it turned out to be very reliable! Restream made us feel confident during the event and it felt like a blessing.
Olivia M.Chief Marketing Officer
Daniel H.
"Intuitive Live Streaming Platform."
The Livestudio system they offer is a very simple yet feature rich system to be able to do live and recorded videos. It also allows you to stream prerecorded videos as part of a live stream.
Daniel H.CEO, Education Management

Frequently asked questions


  • What is Restream?

    Restream is a complete live streaming solution that allows you stream from one place to 30+ social channels.

  • How do I get started?

    Register on our website, connect platform accounts and go live in seconds right from your browser (no setup needed) or your favorite streaming tool. Learn more

  • Does Restream affect my video quality?

    No, Restream doesn't affect your video quality thanks to our innovative technology.


  • Can I stream in Full HD?

    Yes, Restream paid plans allow you to stream in Full HD (1080p). However, some platforms don't support it.

  • Can I stream with stereo sound?

    Yes, Restream Studio supports stereo sound. This feature comes with the professional plan.

  • Can I stream using streaming software?

    Yes, you can use any 3rd party streaming software or our intuitive web-based Restream Studio. Learn more


  • Do I need additional bandwidth to multistream?

    No, you don't need additional bandwidth to use Restream even if you stream to 30 destinations at once.

  • Do you have any bitrate limits?

    No, Restream doesn’t have any bitrate limits. Note, that sometimes platforms set their bitrate limits.

  • Does it add any delays?

    Sometimes a tiny delay may happen. This isn't affected by how many channels you have. It is always less than 2 seconds.


  • Can I stream for free?

    Yes, you can choose 2 from 30+ social channels to multistream for free. Our paid plans offer extra channels and more robust features.

  • Which plan should I choose?

    Our plans are based on the number of channels you need to stream to and additional features. Our support team can help you pick the plan that fits your needs.

  • What is custom RTMP?

    Custom RTMP is a way to stream to a platform that is not listed among our supported services, but provides an RTMP URL and stream key.


  • Can I invite guests to the stream?

    Yes, you can add guests with an invite link. Restream supports up to 10 participants. Learn more

  • Can I stream pre-recorded videos?

    Yes, you can stream pre-recorded content live with Restream Events. It comes with our professional plan. Learn more

  • Can I stream to my server or custom destinations?

    Yes, you can use our Custom RTMP feature and stream to any custom platform that provides an RTMP URL and stream key. Learn more


  • Can I switch between cameras and audio sources?

    Yes, you can switch between cameras and microphones with a click.

  • Can I customize my stream?

    Yes, Restream offers a rich collection of themes, overlays, logos, and backgrounds for any occasion. Also, you can brand your stream with your own graphics. Learn more

  • Can I stream only audio?

    Yes, you can. You can start a live stream with a static image or black screen and broadcast your audio content.