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What is 720p?

720p is a video resolution used for standard high-definition (HD) displays. Content that is 720p has 720 vertical pixels and 1280 horizontal pixels. 720p is used for HDTVs, Blu-Ray players and HD video cameras. 

Is 720p good for live streaming?

Most live streamers use 720p because the resolution is high-quality without taking up too much processing power on your machine, or requiring an extremely high upload speed. Although 1080p is a higher resolution and technically has higher quality than 720p, many streamers opt for 720p because of constraints with their computer or internet connection.

Most viewers don’t mind watching in 720p, either. When they watch a stream online, they don’t necessarily expect the Full HD quality that you get from professional broadcast television. You can read more about video resolution and streaming in Full HD or about internet upload speed on our blog.