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Facebook Gaming

What is Facebook Gaming?

Facebook Gaming is a live streaming platform by Facebook aimed at the gaming community. It offers several features that primarily cater to gamers, game streamers and game developers. 

Facebook Gaming was Facebook's response to the growing popularity of platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Given Facebook's massive user base, the platform has a significant potential reach for game streamers and developers.

It was a standalone app until 2022, when the gaming features got rolled into Facebook’s main app. There are still many live video content creators streaming gaming content on Facebook, however.

Some of the key components of Facebook Gaming include:

  1. Live streaming: Similar to platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming offers a platform for gamers to live stream their gameplay. Streamers can build an audience, interact with viewers in real time, and monetize their streams through fan support, ads and other methods.
  2. Instant games: Instant games are lightweight games that can be played directly within the Facebook app or Messenger without the need for additional downloads. They are designed to be quick, engaging and ideal for short bursts of play.
  3. Cloud gaming: Facebook has ventured into cloud gaming, allowing users to play more graphically intensive games streamed from the cloud without the need for high-end hardware or downloads.
  4. Gaming videos on demand (VODs): Facebook Gaming is not just for live streams. Users can also upload pre-recorded game-related videos, walkthroughs, reviews and more.
  5. Monetization tools: For content creators, Facebook Gaming provides various monetization tools such as Fan Subscriptions (similar to Patreon or Twitch subscriptions), Stars (similar to Twitch's Bits), and in-stream ads.
  6. Community building: Facebook Gaming leverages Facebook's core strengths, allowing streamers and gamers to build communities around games. They can create specific game groups, connect with fans and start discussions.
  7. Level Up program: This is a program for emerging gaming creators that provides early access to new features, best practices tips and monetization opportunities. It's designed to support budding gaming content creators.

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