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Split screen

What is a split screen?

A split screen is commonly used to describe a special technique in movies and television, where two different pieces of film are shown simultaneously. In live streaming, a split screen is a feature that allows you to have two or more adjacent (or overlapping) live videos on one screen. 

This feature is popular because of its low technical requirements. Most live streaming platforms and devices support split screen, and you can activate it with the tap of a button. Just keep in mind that your internet connection should be both stable and fast. A “fast” upload speed is high enough to transfer the data without any hiccups.

When to use a split screen

The split screen feature allows you to add guests to your live stream. It’s the perfect way to set up professional live talk shows. It’s engaging and entertaining for the audience because viewers can interact with broadcasters by leaving comments and asking questions, and communicate with each other in the live chat. 

Here are a few ways you can take advantage of a split screen on your live broadcasts.

Host live interviews and Q&As

One of the main reasons to use a split screen is to host live interviews and Q&A sessions with remote guests. Your guest simply needs a device to stream from and a good internet connection. Both parties should also use a streaming tool that supports the split screen, like Facebook Live or Restream Studio.

Interact with the audience

If your goal is to maximize audience engagement, the split screen feature allows your viewers to communicate in real time with both the host and the guest. Moreover, the nature of live streams combined with the split screen option creates a strong sense of presence, as if the show is happening in one room. 

Promote your business

Split screen interviews are trending and taking advantage of popular trends can really boost your business. You could invite an expert in your field, host an insightful interview, and position your brand as a legitimate thought leader. With the split screen feature, you can easily raise awareness of your business.

How to go live with a split screen

There are a few ways to apply a split screen to your live streams, depending on which platform you stream to. If you want to ensure you can use a split screen no matter which platform you stream to, you can use streaming software like Restream Studio. With Restream Studio, you can go live right from your web browser and change your live stream’s format to split screen in just one click.