A guide to unboxing videos for live streamers

People love watching other people unwrap or open new stuff — that’s what makes unboxing videos so popular. But it’s even more exciting when it’s live.
A guide to unboxing videos for live streamers

You know that excited feeling you get when you buy someone a gift and watch them open it? Thanks to the millions of unboxing videos spread across the internet, you can experience that anticipation any time you want — without having to buy the gift. Unboxing videos have become one of the most popular forms of content on the web, with people opening up and reviewing all kinds of consumer products on camera for others to watch.

If you’re a live streamer who’s never done an unboxing video, now might be the time to start. In this guide, we’ll help streamers learn everything they need to know about producing live unboxing videos, including how to monetize them and tips for making unboxing videos viewers can’t resist.

What is an unboxing video?

As the name suggests, an unboxing video shows someone taking a product out of its box. They usually feature the product in its original packaging from the manufacturer, so viewers can see exactly what is included if they also decide to purchase the product.

Unboxing videos started as product reviews, showing viewers the good and bad points about a product. However, they’re becoming increasingly popular, and now people watch unboxing videos just to see what’s inside, with or without a review.

What kinds of products do people unbox in these videos? They range from toys and candy to electronics and beauty products. Anything that comes in a box (or some kind of packaging you have to open) is fair game for an unboxing video.

You wouldn’t think watching someone else open a box would be interesting, but unboxing videos have become a veritable internet phenomenon. You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get watching someone react to a gift they really love and weren’t expecting? Unboxing videos make viewers feel that way, and the people behind the camera have a knack for building excitement.

Other reasons unboxing videos are so popular might be:

  • They’re kid-friendly (mostly)
  • They offer an honest peek at consumer products
  • They’re inexpensive to make, other than purchasing the product for unboxing
  • The concept is simple
  • They’re easy to produce

Unboxing videos are especially popular with kids because many of these videos feature toys. Kids aren’t the only viewers, however, as unboxing videos for smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other tech are also prominent. Because unboxing videos seem to fascinate so many people, some companies have even started rethinking their packaging to make it more interesting to open up.

How to monetize an unboxing video

Many people start making unboxing videos with the goal of monetizing them. If you’re planning to start doing your own unboxing videos on YouTube, here are five ways you can make money with them:

  • Influencer marketing: Unboxing videos are perfect for product placements. Ask the brand whose products you’re unboxing to sponsor your video. You can also try to become a brand ambassador or get into affiliate marketing and referral programs.
  • Ads: YouTubers earn money from advertisements shown in their content using Google AdSense.
  • Super Chat: YouTube’s Super Chat feature allows viewers of live videos to purchase highlighted comments, so they get special placement in the live chat. Content creators get a share of revenue from the purchase of Super Chats.
  • Donations: Many content creators add links to their Patreon or Kickstarter pages so viewers can send donations.
  • Other business ventures: Many successful content creators use unboxing videos as one part of their overall marketing strategies. They may also create and sell merchandise, mobile apps, courses, books, or other digital products.
If you want any of these monetization methods to work, you have to create videos that many people want to watch.

Since unboxing videos have become so popular, carving out a niche is a necessity if you want to make money with it. It’ll take some work to make videos that stand out, but once you do, it opens up monetization opportunities.

How to create a sensational unboxing live video

The key element you need to distinguish your unboxing videos from all the others could be live streaming. Think about it — if watching someone open a box is so exciting, imagine how much more thrilling it would be live! Your viewers will love to see your reactions and hear your comments in real time because it makes them feel more connected.

Here are our top tips for creating live unboxing videos.

1. Choose your niche

You might find it difficult to gain traction with a general unboxing channel unless you add some fun twists to it. Choosing a niche, such as electronics, beauty products, home goods, toys, tools, or just about anything else, will attract viewers who are interested in those products and brands. Just be sure to choose something exciting to open; gift cards would not make for good unboxing videos.

2. Test your setup and connection

When you get ready to live stream, be sure to check all your streaming equipment and software. Also, test your internet upload speed to confirm it’s fast enough for live streaming. Once you have everything set up, do a test run. You can create an unlisted channel on YouTube to do a test or, if you’re using another platform, simply name your stream “test” so viewers know it’s not the real thing.

3. Ensure you have enough lighting

Lighting is important for unboxing videos because you want viewers to see the product well. If you stream your unboxing with low lighting that makes it difficult to see, no one will stay tuned in. A decent lighting setup can also make up for a lower-quality webcam or filming with a smartphone.

Read our video lighting guide to learn more about getting your lights just right.

4. Add graphics to your stream

Your stream will look more professional and engaging if you add graphics. Use captions and lower-thirds to remind people which product you’re unboxing or give a shout out to your sponsor. Graphics also let you add a logo and the names of your other social channels if you have them.

5. Speak clearly and entertain your audience

Although unboxing videos are highly visual, people are also tuning in for your voice and commentary. Describe each piece you pull out of the box to help put it in context and provide your feelings on the product as you go. Remember to speak clearly and slowly so your audience can keep up, and don’t hesitate to crack a few jokes and show some personality!

6. Demonstrate the product

One reason people watch unboxing videos is to see how a product works, especially if it’s a toy or some kind of gadget. If you’ve never used it before, don’t worry — that’s part of the charm of unboxing live streams. The viewers want to see what it would be like if they were using this product for the first time as well. As you demonstrate or attempt to demonstrate how the product works, offer your comments. Do you find it difficult to figure out? Are the instructions clear? These reviews are helpful to your viewers.

7. Use multiple cameras

Many unboxing videos are shot with a simple smartphone, with one person unboxing and another holding the phone. While that formula works, a better solution is using more than one camera. Have one camera pointed at the product so people can watch the unboxing. Point the other camera at yourself, so you can narrate or review the product. Showing a feed of you offering commentary as picture-in-picture is more engaging than a single camera showing the product. If you need help setting up a multi-camera live stream, read our guide.

8. Make your live stream look and sound professional

With so many unboxing videos already filling up the internet, you want yours to be high-quality so it attracts more viewers. By using a live streaming tool like Restream Studio, you can easily make your live stream look and sound more professional.

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Some content creators have become known for their unboxing videos and live streams, and fans follow their channels just to watch them open up products. We’ve made a list of the most popular unboxing live streams and YouTube channels to help inspire your content.

1. Unboxing the world’s first AR smartphone launch

In 2020, YouTube channel Unbox Therapy partnered with OnePlus Nord to live stream the unboxing of the world’s first augmented reality (AR) smartphone. Part of the event was streamed using the smartphone’s AR features, and it included pre-recorded video. The replay has racked up almost 3 million views on YouTube.

2. Opening 200 Pokemon Packs for Charizard

Streamer and YouTuber Typical Gamer unboxed (unwrapped) more than 200 packs of Pokemon cards live, in the hope of finding rare Secret Charizard and Rainbow Charizard cards. The stream went on for three hours and used a two-camera setup — one for watching the unwrapping of the card packs and one for watching the host as he provided commentary. The replay has over 2 million views on YouTube.

3. Microsoft Surface Go

Tech YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips did a live stream of unboxing a Microsoft Surface Go in 2018. The host, Linus, unboxed the device, turned it on, and hooked it up so viewers could see how it runs. He also compared it to a similar device he already had up and running at the same time. The replay has gotten over 840k views on YouTube.

Unboxing live streams are more engaging than video on demand (VOD), but the following channels do VOD unboxing well.

1. Ryan’s World

The YouTube channel Ryan’s World started as Ryan Toy Reviews, where the young Ryan would open up new toys and give his reaction. Today, the channel is called Ryan’s World, and it’s expanded beyond toy unboxing videos to include educational videos for kids.

2. Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is a channel dedicated entirely to unboxing. They feature one host who unboxes and tries out products, usually electronics or gadgets. The videos on Unbox Therapy have a professional quality, with good lighting and multiple camera angles. The channel's most popular uploads get 20 million views!

3. FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review

On the FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review, the host opens and reviews toys from Disney, Nickelodeon, Pixar, and much more. The channel is geared toward infants and small children, so the narrator (we never see her face) uses a high-pitched, cutesy voice meant for kids as she goes over each toy.

4. Dope or Nope

Dope or Nope is an unboxing channel with a comedic twist. The hosts choose random or downright ridiculous products to unbox and try out. Naturally, hijinks ensue. The reviews aren’t so helpful since they are for such wacky products, but people still tune in for the laughs.

5. iJustine

On the iJustine YouTube channel, host Justine tries out and reviews tech products. She also tests out recipes and kitchen gadgets, along with uploading vlogs and gaming content. The iJustine tech reviews garner as many as 200k views, some even reaching 600k.

Let’s wrap up

Unboxing videos are a huge internet trend that aren’t going away any time soon. As long as people buy consumer products, they’ll always seek out honest reviews of them. If you want to get in on this trend, try doing unboxing live streams. Your viewers will love watching you react in real time, and you can engage with them as you unbox the products. Use an intuitive streaming tool like Restream Studio to make your live video more professional too!

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