New to live streaming and looking for accessible streaming tools that don’t have a learning curve? Or perhaps you’re a veteran live streamer but looking to expand into multistreaming. If you want user-friendly live streaming and multistreaming tools, then you’re in the right place.

Restream has a range of live streaming products, tools, and features that make live streaming a breeze. With Restream, you can improve your live streams, whether you’re a hobbyist or an international corporation. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about getting started with Restream, from our most useful products to tools that integrate with Restream.

This guide covers:

  • What Restream is
  • Why you should choose Restream
  • Useful free features
  • Useful paid features
  • Tools that work well with Restream
  • The four steps to get started with Restream
  • Various ways you can go live with Restream
  • Types of live content you can create with Restream

🦑 What is Restream?

Restream is a super simple live video platform that empowers you to create beautiful videos and multistream them to your favorite channels. With just one Restream account, you can stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and other popular platforms all at once. The best part? You can choose from more than thirty social channels to multistream.

Live streaming is becoming a more popular form of content creation. Businesses, non-profits, government agencies, DJs, churches, and individuals can all benefit from multistreaming with Restream. By going live on more than one platform at a time, you can maximize your audience and engage with all your viewers in real time.

You don’t need any special equipment to use Restream, just a standard webcam and microphone. Depending on how you choose to use Restream, you may also need live streaming software, or encoder, such as OBS Studio. With Restream Studio, however, you don’t need any software at all to go live.

👀 Why should I choose Restream?

Restream isn’t the only multistreaming solution out there. But we’re constantly providing the newest streaming solutions and technologies, which we believe makes us the best option. With all of our great features, we’re a go-to live streaming solution. What are the tools and qualities that make Restream stand out?

  • Our suite of tools: In addition to multistreaming, we also have several products that help you live stream better. With Studio, Chat, Events, and Analytics, you have everything you need to pull off a great live stream.
  • Constant growth and development: We like to innovate at Restream, and we’re always finding ways to implement new ideas — especially ideas that come from our users. We made it possible to use Restream with your mobile device or web browser, and we have unique tools such as Monitor, Alerts, RTMP Pull, Guests, and Titles to help you grow your live stream.
  • Flexible pricing: You have several options to choose from with Restream, no matter your budget.
  • User-friendly interface: All of our products are intuitive. We believe that anyone can learn how to live stream in no time with Restream’s tools!
  • Support and help center: Our support team is responsive, resolving your issues as quickly as possible. We also post and update articles in our Help Center regularly.
  • Own servers: Unlike other similar companies, Restream is fully independent, with its own servers. We don’t have to rely on a third-party service to provide stable streams.
  • Informative blog: The Restream blog has a vast collection of articles related to all things live streaming. You can learn more about our products or get the latest live streaming tips and advice.

🤩 Which tools and features can I use for free?

Restream has free and paid options, so you can choose which features work best for your live stream. Below are some of our best free tools and features that will take your live streaming to the next level:

  • Multistreaming: Live stream simultaneously to more than thirty platforms, including YouTube, a Facebook personal page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitch, and more.
  • Live streaming directly from browser: With Restream Studio, you don’t need live streaming software. You can live stream directly from your browser.
  • Inviting up to 5 guests on your live stream: Guests can quickly and easily join your live stream on Restream Studio, without the use of any third-party apps or tools.
  • No time limits: Your live sessions can last as long as you want — stream for twenty-four hours if you feel like it!
  • Real-time channel toggling: Channel toggling allows you to end your stream on one platform but keep it going on another, without any interruption or interference in the quality of your stream.
  • Insightful data: Restream Analytics provides data on your peak viewing time, max viewers, which platform had the most viewers, stream duration, and much more.
  • Access to Restream Chat: Restream Chat combines your live chats from across all streaming platforms into one centralized chat hub.
  • Stream monitoring: Restream monitors your live stream to detect any possible issues and ensure your viewers have the best experience.
  • Background music: When you go live with Restream Studio, you have access to a library of copyright-free background music. Available in several genres and at infinite lengths, you can choose the perfect music for your stream without worrying about changing tracks.

🤑 What paid features might be useful for me?

You can host powerful live streams with our free tools and features, but our paid features up the ante. With the various tools included in our Standard, Professional, Premium, and Business plans, you can create a professional, organized live stream. Check out some of our most useful paid features:

  • No branding: With a Standard plan and above, you can turn off the Restream watermark over your stream. You’ll also be able to add your own logos and watermarks.
  • Custom background images and overlays: When you pay for a Standard plan, you can upload your own background images, stream overlays, and other custom visual effects in Restream Studio to personalize your stream to your brand.
  • RTMP Pull links: RTMP Pull lets you pull a Restream broadcast and use it in different streaming software as a source. It’s like adding another webcam to your stream. RTMP Pull is useful for real-time translations, commentary, and esports casting.
  • Stream recordings: With the Standard plan and above, you’ll be able to record your live streams whenever you broadcast with Restream. Recording a live stream lets you upload it to a video platform as on-demand content after your live stream is over, or gives you a raw version of your stream that you can edit into smaller videos for social media.
  • Custom destinations: Our free plan lets you choose from more than thirty social channels to multistream, but some platforms require a paid plan. For example, you can live stream to a personal Facebook profile with the free plan, but to stream to a Facebook group or public page, you will need a paid plan. Read our guide to free and paid platforms included in your Restream plan for more info.
  • Video storage: With a Professional plan and above, you’ll have access to Restream’s cloud storage, where you can keep between 10 and 50 videos, depending on your plan.
  • Stream pre-recording videos: If you want to upload and stream a video you’ve already recorded, you can do so with a Professional plan and above.
  • More guests: You can add up to five guests on Restream Studio with a free plan. With a Standard plan and above, you can add up to nine guests.

⚙️ What tools can I use with Restream?

Restream wouldn’t be nearly as useful if it didn’t integrate with some of your favorite live streaming tools. Read on to see which tools work great with Restream.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the most popular live streaming tools out there. It’s an encoder, or live streaming software, that transforms your video file format from RAW to digital, so it can play on live streaming platforms like Facebook and YouTube. It’s free, open-source, and compatible with any operating system. Restream is a default service offered by OBS, so integrating the two is effortless.

🔥 How to use OBS: Step-by-step guide


Zoom is the video conferencing solution of choice for individuals and businesses alike. It’s easy to use, offers a free option, and works with many other popular tools like Google Drive and Facebook. You can also connect Zoom to Restream if you use Zoom as your live streaming tool of choice.

Microsoft Teams

Those who don’t use Zoom for their daily video conferencing needs may use Microsoft Teams instead. Teams is great for broadcasting a webinar, and when you connect it to Restream, you can live stream your webinar across multiple platforms. Note that you will need a Microsoft E1, E3, or E5 license to broadcast with Teams.


vMix is a popular live streaming software suited for professional streamers or large events. You can stream in 4K and choose multiple bitrates to adapt the quality of your stream to the platforms you’re streaming to. It also supports up to 1,000 inputs and has six different subscription plans. vMix is only available on Windows, but it’s a powerful live video solution. Restream is fully integrated with vMix, so using the two together is easy and efficient.

Ecamm Live

Ecamm is a webcam software for Mac that lets you stream in 4K, add overlays, and stream with a green screen (chroma key extension). Ecamm has native integration with Restream and Restream Chat, so the two work seamlessly together.


StreamSpot is a popular streaming service for groups that want to stream to their own websites, such as churches and religious organizations. You can also create your own Amazon Fire TV or Roku channel using StreamSpot, giving your viewers more ways to tune into your live stream. StreamSpot also lets you create private live streams that are password-protected. You can connect Restream to StreamSpot and stream your broadcast to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many more platforms as well.


Uscreen is a video management tool for content creators who want to monetize and distribute their live streams on a global scale. You can set up a PPV live stream with Uscreen, where a single dashboard processes payments in multiple currencies. You can also use Uscreen to convert your website into a live streaming platform. Connect Uscreen with Restream to broadcast to even more platforms at once!

Find out more tools you can use with Restream in our Help Center.

👉 How do I get started with Restream?

Restream is so easy to use, you can be live streaming in minutes. To get started, follow these four steps:

1. Create an account

Head to the signup page and create a new Restream account with a unique username and password. You’ll also need your email address to register. Viewers won’t see your Restream username when you go live on your chosen platforms.

2. Choose your plan

Restream has a variety of pricing plans for both individuals and companies. Individuals can choose Free, Standard, or Professional, and all plans allow you to connect more than thirty platforms. Each plan lets you use Restream with third-party streaming software such as Zoom, OBS, and XSplit as well. Streaming to some destinations, such as Facebook groups/pages or with a secondary account on platforms covered by the free plan (such as a second YouTube account) may require one of the paid plans.

3. Choose platforms

After signing up and choosing your plan, you have to pick which platforms you’d like to stream to. Restream supports more than thirty top streaming platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. To help you decide which platforms are best for your brand, check out our blog. We compare the most popular streaming platforms and guide you on how to use them. Also, read our guide on how to connect any streaming platform to your Restream account.

4. Add channels

Once you know which platforms you want, you have to add them as channels to your Restream account. If you don’t see the platform or site you want to stream to, you can use a Custom RTMP to stream to it.

That’s it! You’re ready to start live streaming with Restream.

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🔴 How can I go live using Restream?

There are several ways to go live with Restream — you aren’t limited by location, platform, or format.

1. Stream directly from your browser

With Restream Studio, you don’t need streaming software. You log in to your Restream account, add your channels, connect your webcam and microphone, and you’re ready to stream. Restream Studio has features such as Chat, Captions, Graphics, Screen Sharing, Guests, and more, so you can make the most of your live stream. You can also invite participants to your live stream, from wherever they are in the world.

2. Stream with multiple participants in different locations

With Restream Studio, you can invite up to five guests (nine guests with Standard or Professional plans) to your live broadcast. When you’re ready to stream, click the “Guests” icon on your Restream Studio dashboard. You will receive a link you can share with your guests, and they can join your broadcast simply by clicking the link. Once your guests have connected and allowed access to their mics and cameras, their screens will appear in the bottom left corner. You can hide or show guests, remove them, or change how their screens are displayed.

👉 Learn more: Restream Studio: Everything you need to know

3. Start streaming using streaming software

Restream works with most major streaming software, including OBS, XSplit, vMix, Streamlabs, and Wirecast. Read our help guides on how to set up Restream with your favorite software, or check out our blog for more resources.

4. Stream from your phone

You can live stream from an iPhone or Android device using Restream. You will need an app that supports RTMP streaming and uses your Restream stream key and URL to go live. Some good apps to try are Larix Broadcaster or Streamlabs, both available on iOS and Android.

5. Stream from your GoPro

Do you want to stream your outdoor adventures with a GoPro? You can connect your GoPro camera to Restream using the LIVE4 GoPro app on either iOS or Android. When you download and launch the app on your mobile device, you can select the “Connect with Restream” option and log in to your Restream account. Once you’re connected, you can start GoPro streaming on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other channels you’ve added to Restream.

6. Stream your pre-recorded videos

Restream Events allows you to schedule and stream pre-recorded videos. You will need a Professional plan to use it, however. You can upload your recording to Restream, which offers cloud storage of up to 10 GB for video and audio content. Once your pre-recorded video is uploaded, you can schedule it to go live in the Restream Events section and get a shareable link for Facebook, YouTube, or other platforms.

7. Stream to your website

Live streaming directly to your website is a great way to boost your site traffic. Although Restream does not offer an embeddable web player, you can stream to YouTube or Facebook and embed their video players on your site. You can also pay for a website video player service, such as Akamai or Wowza. To use these paid players, you will need a Custom RTMP channel, which is available with a Restream Professional plan.

8. Stream via Zoom and on multiple platforms

If you host a webinar with Zoom, you can live stream it to YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn so you don’t have to invite all your viewers to your Zoom meeting to view the webinar. If you have a Zoom paid account, you can connect directly with Restream. If you have a basic Zoom account, you can use OBS Studio and Restream to broadcast your Zoom session to multiple platforms.

👉 Learn more: How to live stream with Zoom: Full guide

💁‍♂️ What can I do with Restream?

Millions of people all over the world use Restream to reach their audiences, including professional and amateur gamers, Fortune 500 companies, media outlets, politicians, celebrities, non-profits, musicians, and many more. Restream’s users constantly find new and exciting ways to create live video content with our products.

Create your live show

Many content creators use Restream to host live shows of all kinds. Some are talk shows and feature a few guests, while others have one host who answers viewer questions or discusses a topic. The format of your live show is up to you. Some great live shows you can look to for inspiration are:

Stream your music live

As a musician, streaming your music live is a great way to connect with fans and promote your music. Fans love virtual concerts or going behind the scenes with their favorite musicians to see the music-making process. Famous musicians who live stream regularly are:

Record live interviews

Restream is the perfect tool for recording live interviews. Restream Studio easily lets you add guests to your broadcast and manage a split-screen format. On the show Creator Spotlight, Restream’s Anya Razina invites live video content creators to talk about live streaming in their industries. Some of Anya’s guests have included:

  • Neil Patel, author, entrepreneur, marketer, blogger, and top web influencer

Start a podcast

One of Restream’s most recent updates has made it easier than ever to start a podcast. With split-track recording, you can separate the audio tracks of each of your stream participants — an essential editing tool for any podcaster. One great example of live streaming a podcast to get you started is:

Podcast Now with Restream

Gaming Gadgets Livestream Talk Show Tutorial

Create a tutorial video

If you have skills you want to share with others, you can create live tutorial videos using Restream. Walk your viewers through how to use your favorite software or application, or how to start live streaming. Live tutorial videos are more beneficial than on-demand content because your audience can ask you questions in real time. Check out these channels for great live tutorial content:

Product demo

A live demonstration is a perfect way to show your customers how your new product works. You can respond to viewer questions about your product directly with a live stream as well. A great example of live product demos is:

Live contests and giveaways

People love watching contests or participating in giveaways, especially if they’re live. Promote your live contest beforehand so viewers will tune in to see if they’ve won. With Restream, you can live stream your contest or giveaway on multiple platforms at once, expanding your reach. Some useful examples of live giveaways are:

Let’s wrap up

Restream is your ultimate multistreaming and live streaming solution. With features for both individuals and companies, anyone can take their live streaming to the next level. When you choose Restream products for your live streaming, you can count on our products growing alongside you. We’re always improving so that we can be the best multistreaming service available. After reading our guide, you’re ready to get started with Restream!