You probably cannot imagine today’s world without the Internet. And when it comes to modern Internet technologies, live streaming is the first one to pop up in most people’s minds. Live streaming is a cutting-edge technology that allows for the simultaneous recording and broadcasting of video and audio data over the web. But you most likely already knew how it works. Therefore, we should probably cut this poetic essay and get straight to business. In this article, we will help you understand what an RTMP Pull link is, as well as where and how exactly you can use it. Let’s roll!

An RTMP Pull link is a playable link of your live stream, which you can set up as a source on another broadcast. In other words, you can have a live stream inception! Imagine playing one live stream inside the other live stream — this is exactly what the RTMP Pull feature allows you to do.

Simply put, you can have an original stream playing in the background and your own graphic overlays with the audio commentary on the front. Let’s now go through the most common examples of using the RTMP Pull option.

The RTMP Pull option is especially useful when you have to multiple live streams on one screen. For instance, you simply cannot imagine modern e-sports tournaments and conventions without this feature. Live in-game replays, interview translations, and multiple language commentary can be easily added to live streams thanks to the RTMP Pull links.

With the RTMP Pull feature you can:

  • Easily embed a Pull stream into your Main live stream. This option is especially useful in cases when an audio translation overlay is needed. You can also treat these streams as separate and push them to other destinations.
  • Embed multiple streams from different accounts into a single live stream. In other words, you can combine two or more streams to watch them simultaneously. The only issue is that, chances are, they won’t be perfectly synced.
  • Embed the RTMP Pull URL into an admin mobile app, and use it as an internal non-highload preview.
  • Create multiple points of view from incoming streams, which means enabling the ability to switch between your broadcasters’ streams in your main live stream.
  • Effectively monitor your live stream in an MPC-HC video player in real time. Keep in mind, RTMP live streams have a small latency (two to five seconds).

Not every streaming service provides the RTMP Pull feature. But with Restream, you can have up to five active connections on your RTMP Pull link! Let’s learn how you can enable and use this feature for your live streams. You will see that using the RTMP Pull option is as easy as traditional streaming via your RTMP key, and definitely not harder than completing a quest in your favorite RPG.

Important note: Make sure you have a subscription plan that includes the RTMP Pull option.

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To begin with, you need to obtain an RTMP Pull link of your Restream stream. In order to do that, hop over to your Restream Channels page and click the RTMP Pull Links tab right below your stream preview. There you can create your unique RTMP Pull link and copy it into OBS Studio. Restream is fully integrated with OBS Studio, meaning it will only take a few clicks to set up everything.

For more detailed info on how to add RTMP Pull links, please, visit our support article or watch this short video guide below:

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Wrapping up all of the above

When it comes to professional live streaming, RTMP Pull links can be quite helpful. This feature allows you to make live commentaries or translations of other live streams, combine live streams and watch them simultaneously on one screen, and monitor your live stream in an MPC-HC video player!

We at Restream strive to make live streaming as easy as possible so anyone can make the most of this cutting-edge technology. Now you have a better understanding of the RTMP Pull feature and its use cases, as well as how to add it to your live streaming production. Don’t hesitate to use our 24/7 Live Chat or Help Center for more information.