Meet the Restream referral program

Love using Restream? Join our referral program to get rewards when new users sign up using your link. If you’re a top referrer, you could even join the Restream partner program.
Meet the Restream referral program

Streaming is more fun with others! Invite your friends to Restream using your referral link, and you'll both win! Your friends will get a $10 Restream Credit, and you could earn up to $49 when they upgrade!

Get paid when your friends upgrade

When you invite your friends to Restream, they'll receive a $10 Restream Credit they can use on any subscription. As a reward, you can earn up to $49 when your friend upgrades! It's a win-win situation, isn't it? Once your earnings have cleared you can withdraw into your PayPal account!

Invite your friends to get started with Restream using your custom referral link! Spreading the word through social can also be done from your referral page.

Restream custom referral link

Become a Restream partner

We closely monitor our top referrers! As you invite more and more friends to Restream, you can earn extra perks; Exclusive Restream merchandise, closed beta tests, one-on-one webinars, or an official Restream partnership.


  • Your friend gets $10 Restream Credit after registering with your link.
  • You earn up to $49 when your friend upgrades, which you can withdraw into your PayPal account!
  • Easily share your custom referral link and track your progress in helping creators get started.
  • Top performers get exclusive perks including partnership offers.

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