Restream integrates with LiveU Solo

For a limited time only, we are giving LiveU content creators a 50% discount on all Restream plans. Set up your account and choose your discounted plan.
Restream integrates with LiveU Solo

It’s our mission at Restream to break down the limitations that creators experience in sharing their message through live content. We strive to harness technology and integrations to make live video creation easier than ever. Today, we are pleased to announce a big step in that direction: the integration of Restream with LiveU Solo.

Now individuals and teams using LiveU Solo with Restream can easily amplify their messaging across YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and other streaming platforms simultaneously—all without additional bandwidth or hassle.

Why LiveU Solo?

Restream partners with key platforms and tools in the live video industry to simplify the work of creators, influencers, and streamers. Partnering with LiveU aligns with this mission because LiveU is one the best wireless live streaming solutions on the market today. Here are some of the key benefits of LiveU Solo:

  • Simple plug-and-play, end-to-end live video streaming
  • Improved viewership and engagement with highly reliable streams
  • Broadcast in HD from anywhere—send high-quality streams remotely or in heavy crowds with two built-in cellular modems
  • One-touch HD streaming to Facebook Live and other platforms
  • Professional quality streaming at an affordable price

Get more from LiveU with Restream integration

Without a doubt, LiveU Solo is a robust, standalone tool. Now, with the complementary suite of Restream features, content creators can grow, engage, and monetize their audiences cross-platform.

With Restream, LiveU content creators can:

  • Expand their reach to more than 30 platforms — and growing;
  • Monitor the health of streams cross-platform and diagnose problems with software and hardware;
  • Stream to multiple pages or accounts on a single platform with Doubling;
  • Transcode video quality to optimize streams for each end platform;
  • Leverage Fallback Stream to protect streams from outages;
  • Evaluate insightful Analytics to understand how audiences respond to content in terms of reach, engagement, views, chatters, and other valuable metrics;
  • Upload and schedule pre-recorded videos to go live with Restream Events;
  • Boost cross-platform engagement with Chat.

. . . and much more.

Using Restream with the LiveU Solo is a perfect solution for anyone that is doing live streaming “in the field.” Whether you are a sports broadcaster, news station, or adventure streamer, Restream and LiveU have partnered to help you grow, engage, and monetize your audience on all platforms

Get LiveU Solo with Restream

For a limited time only, we are giving LiveU content creators a 50% discount on all Restream plans (expires December 7th). Set up your account and choose your preferred discounted plan. Visit this link for more on how to connect LiveU Solo to your Restream account.

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