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Facebook Live is Facebook’s live video streaming service that launched in 2016. If you want to create engaging and professional-looking live streams on Facebook, you need powerful streaming software. The best streaming software for Facebook Live will depend on your needs, but you should consider using software that lets you multistream to other platforms like YouTube and Twitch simultaneously with Facebook. With Restream, you can not only multistream to several platforms at once, but you can also customize your stream and engage directly with your audience.

Streaming Software for Facebook Live

Restream Studio lets you go live on Facebook directly from your browser, using your built-in webcam and mic. You can connect your Facebook profile to Restream in less than two minutes and start broadcasting right away. Restream also integrates with more than 30 popular streaming platforms including Twitch and YouTube — you can connect all your streaming channels on each platform and multistream to all of them simultaneously using Restream.

You can also use Restream Studio’s awesome features to record a live stream or video using our record-only mode. Do a test run of your stream before going live or create a polished video, edit it, and schedule it to go live later.

Create a Restream account for free and start broadcasting on Facebook.

How to stream on Facebook with Restream

  1. Create a Restream account.
  2. Connect your Facebook account to Restream.
  3. Go live on Facebook.

Best live streaming features for Facebook

Go live with a professional and engaging broadcast on Facebook using Restream. Fully customize your stream with your branding, videos, graphics and more. Have guests on your stream and interact with your audience to start meaningful conversations and connect with viewers. When the Facebook Live stream’s over, download the recording and edit it for reuse on other social media platforms later. Restream even integrates with popular encoding software such as OBS Studio, so you can still use chat, multistreaming and analytics features.

Brand and customize your Facebook Live stream

  • Add custom logos and background graphics
  • Add and customize captions
  • Play copyright-free background music
  • Play local video files
  • Stream with split screen and other screen sharing options

User-friendly Facebook streaming

  • Stream in vertical format
  • Invite guests from around the world
  • Add multiple cameras for various angles
  • Stream in Full HD

Download and share your live stream

  • Upload a pre-recorded video and stream it live
  • Download your stream as an MP4 or MP3 file with split-track audio
  • Export to Descript for easy editing and generating a video transcript
  • Create a recorded video with Restream Studio’s features in “record-only” mode

Engage with your viewers

  • Add guests to your live streams easily by sending a secure link
  • Display a Facebook Live chat overlay
  • Manage the live chat with commands and moderation tools
  • Choose live chat comments to display as captions
  • Chat with your audience on Facebook and other platforms you’re streaming to from the Restream Studio dashboard

Learn how to make the most of Restream Studio for Facebook Live with our quick tutorial.

Multistream on other platforms

You don’t have to limit yourself to Facebook. With Restream, you can easily connect your YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn and other channels and go live on each one simultaneously.

If you’re streaming to multiple platforms in addition to Facebook, you might struggle to stay on top of all those live chats. Restream’s chat client lets you see and manage your messages all in one place. Whenever you stream with Restream, we also track key analytics for you, like average viewers and watched minutes, and aggregate the data across all platforms you’re live on.

If you prefer to stream with encoding software like OBS Studio, you can still use Restream to multistream. Simply connect your preferred channels to Restream, then connect Restream to OBS.


What software is best for live streaming on Facebook?

The best live streaming software for Facebook will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Restream Studio is a powerful Facebook Live streaming software that lets you start a professional-looking, engaging broadcast in under three minutes. You can go live on a Facebook profile, page or group with Restream. You can also multistream to your channels on other platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and more. Use features like custom graphics, inviting guests, uploading a pre-recorded video and more to make your stream stand out.

What is the best way to live stream to Facebook?

To get full control over the quality of your Facebook Live stream, you should use a streaming software like Restream Studio. You can add graphics like logos, backgrounds and captions, and it’s much easier to invite guests onto your streams. You can even stream in vertical mode (portrait) so your viewers can watch your stream on mobile. With Restream, you can also connect your YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and other channels and multistream to all of them at once.

How do I set up streaming software for Facebook Live?

To live stream on Facebook with streaming software, you have to use the desktop version of Facebook. When you’re setting up a live video, you can select streaming software as your video source. You’ll then have to paste your Facebook stream key and server URL into your streaming software’s settings. Then, start your stream from your software and you’ll see a preview of it on Facebook Live.

Is there a Facebook streaming app?

You can go live on Facebook using the mobile app, but if you want more control over your stream you can use a third-party streaming app like Restream Studio. Before you choose a Facebook live streaming app, you should compare features to find the best one for your needs. Look for an app that lets you customize your stream, multistream to other platforms and has a user-friendly interface.

Is live streaming on Facebook free?

It is completely free to live stream on Facebook from a profile, group, page or event. You can go live on Facebook on desktop or on mobile.


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