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👀 Overview

With close to 2.4 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the biggest global social network. Since more people would cite Facebook over YouTube as the place where they watch most of their video content, it makes sense that Facebook Live is a popular destination for live streaming.

💬 What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is the social network’s live video streaming service that launched for celebrities and public figures in 2015 and for everybody else in 2016. Anyone can go live from Facebook on desktop or the Facebook mobile application, streaming to a personal profile, page, or group.

🦑 Facebook Live and

Multistreaming + Facebook Live

The best way to use Facebook Live is by multistreaming — live streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously. When you use Restream, you can connect your Facebook Live channel, as well as YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, and over 30 other live streaming platforms, and broadcast to them simultaneously. Adding your Facebook Live (and other platforms) to Restream is a breeze, and it lets you add this great social network to a roster of streaming platforms and services.

Restream Studio + Facebook Live

With Restream Studio, you can live stream on Facebook directly from your browser. Connect your Facebook Live channel (and your other favorite live streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and LinkedIn) to Restream and launch our Live Studio in under two minutes. Restream Studio lets you add guests to your stream simply by sharing a link, upload custom graphics and logos, display a chat overlay, share your screen with your viewers, and much more.

Restream Chat + Facebook Live

When you’re multistreaming to Facebook Live and other platforms, handling the live chat can be a pain. Not if you’re using Restream Chat, though. Restream Chat lets you view all the chats from all your live streaming platforms in one place. What a time saver!

Restream Events + Facebook Live

Live streaming is great, but sometimes your schedule changes and you can’t go live at the planned time, or you’d rather stream a polished and edited video. With Restream Events, you can broadcast pre-made videos as if they were live. You can also create an event to share on Facebook (and other platforms) and schedule a stream to go live for that event. Facebook Live isn’t too fond of pre-recorded video being broadcast as live video, however, so you just need to make it clear that you’re broadcasting a recording, not a live video.

Restream Analytics + Facebook Live

Facebook Live will already give you some useful analytics. But you can never have too many data points that describe your audience’s behavior, so give Restream Analytics a try too. You’ll be able to better understand the way your audience communicates during your streams and see how much time the audience spends watching, among other things.

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