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👀 What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is the social network’s live video streaming service that launched in 2016. Anyone can go live from Facebook on desktop or the Facebook mobile application, streaming to a personal profile, page, or group. With 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the biggest website with streaming capabilities in the world.

If you want to stream to Facebook Live using Restream, you have two options. You can either go live directly from your browser with Restream Studio or connect Restream to your favorite software encoder. Both methods let you multistream, so you can go live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and more than thirty other live streaming platforms simultaneously.

🤩 Restream Studio

Restream Studio lets you go live on Facebook directly from your browser, using your built-in webcam and mic. It takes less than two minutes to connect your Facebook profile (and any other channels you want to stream to, like Twitch or YouTube) to Restream. Inside our Live Studio, you have access to a wide range of features that will help you create a sensational live broadcast, including:

  • Adding custom logos and background graphics
  • Playing copyright-free background music
  • Inviting guests to your stream with a simple link
  • Split-screen streaming and screen-sharing options
  • Displaying Facebook live stream chat as an overlay
  • Playing local video files
  • Adding an RTMP source from a third-party tool like Zoom or OBS Studio
  • High-definition streaming
  • Adding and customizing captions
  • A saved recording of your stream added to Restream Video Storage, to repurpose for later

You can also use Restream Studio’s awesome features to record a live stream or video using our record-only mode. Do a test run of your stream before going live or create a polished video, edit it, and schedule it to go live later.

Want to learn more about going live with Restream Studio? Check out our quick tutorial for more tips!

If you’re streaming to multiple platforms in addition to Facebook, you might struggle to stay on top of all those live chats. Restream Studio’s chat overlay feature lets you and your viewers see all messages coming in from all platforms, all in the same place.
You can also schedule a live stream in advance on Restream Studio, and our Events tool will create a shareable event link you can post on Facebook to alert your audience.

Whenever you stream with Restream, we also track key analytics for you, like average viewers and watched minutes, and aggregate the data across all platforms you’re live on.

🦑 Broadcasting software

Restream lets you go live on multiple platforms in addition to Facebook, while using your favorite broadcasting software. You can easily integrate Restream with OBS Studio, for example. Create your broadcast in OBS, then use Restream to send it to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more than thirty other platforms simultaneously. All you need to do is add your channels to your Restream dashboard, paste your Restream stream key into OBS, and start streaming!

Watch our tutorial to learn how to live stream with Restream and OBS Studio.

You can also add the Restream Chat client to OBS Studio, so you can manage all your live chats in one place, right from the OBS dashboard. If you want to schedule your live stream in advance, you can also use Restream Events to plan a live stream using OBS. Simply set your event to Encoder | RTMP when creating your event in Restream, then paste the stream key into OBS when you’re ready to go live. Whenever you use Restream to go live on Facebook or any other platform, we also keep track of your stream analytics for you — even if you’re using OBS.

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