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Go live on Instagram from your computer with OBS, SLOBS, or any other streaming software.

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms around, with 500 million daily active users and loads of features that let you share images, videos and live videos with your followers. To make engaging and impactful live videos on Instagram, you need powerful, versatile streaming software. Consider using a live streaming solution that lets you multistream to Instagram Live and other social media platforms simultaneously, so you can multiply your potential audience. With Restream, you can broadcast to several platforms at the same time, fully customize your stream, and even upload and stream a pre-recorded video.

How to stream on Instagram with Restream

  1. Create a Restream account.
  2. Connect your Instagram account to Restream.
  3. Go live on Instagram.

Streaming software for Instagram Live

With Restream Studio, you can go live on Instagram without downloading any extra software. Simply connect your Instagram account to Restream and start broadcasting to your audience in less than two minutes. Restream also integrates with more than 30 popular social media and live streaming platforms, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Kick and more. Multiply your live stream’s views by connecting all your favorite channels and streaming to them simultaneously.

You can also use Restream to upload a pre-recorded video and schedule it to go live later. Create a Restream account for free and start broadcasting on Instagram.

If you use an encoder for your live streaming solution, such as OBS Studio, you can use Restream’s OBS plug-in to multistream. After you connect Restream to all your social platforms, connect it to OBS too. Then, start multistreaming.

Best live streaming features for Instagram

Produce a high-quality and captivating live broadcast on Instagram when you stream with Restream. Tailor your stream to your needs by incorporating your own branding, videos, visuals and additional elements. Invite guests to join your stream and engage with your audience, establishing connections with your viewers. After your Instagram Live session is over, get the recording of it to modify for future use on other social media platforms.

Customize your Instagram Live stream

  • Add your logos and custom background graphics
  • Add custom captions
  • Play copyright-free background music
  • Play local video files
  • Share your screen during the stream

Enjoy no-hassle live broadcasting

  • Stream in vertical or horizontal format
  • Invite up to nine guests to appear on your stream
  • Add multiple cameras for various angles
  • Stream in Full HD

Save broadcasts for later

  • Upload a pre-recorded video and schedule for broadcast later
  • Download your stream as an MP4 or MP3 file
  • Export your recording to Descript for easy editing and generating a video transcript
  • Use Restream Studio’s “record-only” mode to create a pre-recorded video

Build your community

  • Easily add guests to your live streams via a secure link
  • Display an Instagram Live chat overlay
  • Manage the live chat with commands and moderation tools
  • Choose live chat comments to display as captions
  • Chat with your audience on Instagram and other platforms you’re streaming to from the Restream Studio dashboard


Which software is best for live streaming on Instagram?

The best live streaming solution for Instagram will depend on your specific needs. It should allow you to stream in portrait mode, add custom branding and invite multiple guests to appear on your stream with you. Restream Studio is a powerful Instagram Live streaming software that lets you create engaging and professional broadcasts in a matter of minutes. You can also multistream to Instagram and other channels like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and more.

What is the best way to stream on Instagram?

The best way to stream on Instagram is with a powerful streaming software that lets you customize your stream. You can stream on Instagram Live from desktop if you have access to Instagram Live Producer and streaming software such as Restream Studio and OBS Studio. With Restream, you can create a custom Instagram Live stream that’s suited to your brand and your community.

How do I set up streaming software for Instagram Live?

To stream on Instagram from a computer, you need access to Instagram Live Producer. Not all users have access at this time, so you’ll have to check if you have access to Live Producer before you can start streaming with a computer. If you do, you can get your stream key and RTMP URL from Live Producer and paste it into your streaming software.

Is live streaming on Instagram free?

You can live stream for free on Instagram. You can go live on your Instagram profile from your mobile app. You can also live stream on Instagram using a laptop or desktop computer, but only Instagram users with access to Instagram Live Producer can stream this way. Live Producer is also free to use, if you do have access.