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Go live on Instagram from your computer with OBS, SLOBS, or any other streaming software.


Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms around, with 500 million daily active users and loads of features that let you share images, videos, and live videos with your followers. One limitation of Instagram, however, is only being able to go live from the smartphone app. Yellow Duck solves this problem by letting you sync your Instagram account to any streaming service that supports RTMP.

What is Yellow Duck?

Yellow Duck is an application that lets you live stream to your Instagram account. You download the application (it’s available for Macs and PCs), sign into your Instagram account, and Yellow Duck generates a stream key. You plug this stream key into your preferred broadcasting software, such as Restream Studio or OBS Studio, and your broadcast will appear on Instagram Live when you hit the “Go live” button.

Why live stream on Instagram with Yellow Duck?

Instagram is one of the best and easiest places for brands to build a following on social media. The platform makes it simple to interact with followers by letting you take advantage of hashtags and utilize all the content features Instagram has to offer. When you use Yellow Duck, you can plan and launch more professional-looking live streams too.

The biggest benefit to live streaming on Instagram with Yellow Duck is being able to broadcast on Instagram Live from a PC. Going live from streaming software gives you a lot more customization options than streaming to Instagram from mobile.

If you want to get the most out of streaming to Instagram, then you should multistream — go live on multiple platforms at once. With Restream you can choose from 30+ social channels (Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and many others) to stream at once.

Watch our video to learn how to connect Instagram to Yellow Duck, then Yellow Duck to Restream, so you can multistream to all your favorite channels.

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