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Twitch was launched in 2011 as the gaming content spin-off of the live video streaming website In 2014, Amazon bought Twitch for $970 million, and today, an average of 35 million active daily users visit the site. To create engaging Twitch live streams, you need a powerful, user-friendly streaming software that lets you start broadcasting without all the hassle.

Streaming software for Twitch

Get an all-in-one streaming solution for Twitch when you use Restream Studio. Go live on multiple platforms at the same time in addition to Twitch, without needing extra resources on your computer or even downloading any software. Restream’s browser-based live streaming studio lets you customize your stream, invite guests onto your broadcast and chat with your audience.

Start broadcasting on Twitch for free using Restream.

How to stream on Twitch with Restream

  1. Create a Restream account.
  2. Connect your Twitch channel to Restream.
  3. Go live on Twitch.
Read our full guide to live streaming on Twitch for tips and ideas.

Best live streaming features for Twitch

Go live on Twitch hassle-free with Restream as your streaming software. Customize your stream with your branding so viewers instantly recognize your stream. Easily download and edit clips from your Twitch stream so you can repost them on other platforms like YouTube, Twitter and TikTok to grow your fanbase. Restream also has robust chat features to make interacting with viewers fun and engaging.

Add custom elements

  • Add your own logo
  • Add custom backgrounds, overlay graphics and captions
  • Play copyright-free background music

Grow your Twitch presence

  • Download clips from your Twitch stream to edit and post on other platforms
  • Use record-only mode to do a test run of your stream
  • Invite guests to the stream

Chat with your viewers

  • See and reply to all chat messages in your Restream Studio dashboard
  • Hide inappropriate messages so they don’t appear on-stream
  • Display Twitch chat as an overlay

Check your stream analytics

  • Get stream insights like watched minutes and average viewers
  • See aggregated analytics for all the platforms you multistream to
  • Check your stream’s performance in real-time with stream monitoring

Watch our quick Restream Studio tutorial to learn more.

Multistream on Twitch and other platforms

When you use Restream as your Twitch streaming software, you can also go live on other streaming platforms — like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter — simultaneously. Add all your preferred channels to Restream in just two minutes. Then, go live using Restream’s browser-based live streaming studio.

Multistreaming on Twitch is great for expanding your reach, but keeping tabs on all those live chats can get tricky. Restream Studio has a chat overlay feature that displays all the messages coming in through Twitch. You also get access to live streaming metrics from Twitch and any other platforms you multistream to. Restream aggregates these analytics for you.

You can also pair Restream with an encoder such as OBS Studio. You can still multistream and have aggregated stream analytics when you stream with OBS Studio and Restream. Read our guide to connecting OBS and Restream to get started.


What streaming software do I use for Twitch?

For Twitch, you need software that lets you customize your stream and easily engage with your audience — that’s how you build a community on the platform. Restream Studio lets you add your own branding, chat overlay, and multistream to other platforms simultaneously — and it only takes a few minutes to get your broadcast set up and ready to go.

Is OBS good for Twitch?

OBS is one of the most popular streaming software for Twitch. It’s free, open source and lets you customize your Twitch stream. If you’re just starting out on Twitch, OBS is a good option for you, but it does have a bit of a learning curve if you’ve never live streamed before.

What is the best streaming software for Twitch?

The best streaming software for Twitch are OBS and Restream Studio. OBS is open source and free to use, making it a popular choice for streamers. Restream Studio is a good choice because it’s a web-based streaming service. You don’t need extra bandwidth or computer resources to run it, plus you can fully customize your Twitch stream. You can also multistream to other platforms simultaneously, like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Should I stream on Twitch or YouTube in 2023?

Both Twitch and YouTube have pros and cons. The best choice depends on what your goals are. Twitch is a great place to build a community but YouTube gives you more flexibility. If you prefer not to choose, you can also multistream to Twitch and YouTube at the same time with a multistreaming software like Restream.


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