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👀 What is Twitch?

Twitch was launched in 2011 as the gaming content spin-off of the live video streaming website In 2014, Amazon bought Twitch for $970 million, and today, an average of 15 million active daily users visit the site. Twitch has traditionally been used for gaming content, but the last few years have seen other live video genres become more popular on the platform.

You can stream on Twitch using Restream in one of two ways. The first is with Restream Studio, which allows you to go live directly from your web browser (no software download needed). The second method is using a software encoder and Restream together. Both options let you put your live broadcast on multiple other platforms in addition to Twitch, all at the same time.

🤩 Restream Studio

Restream Studio is our ultimate live streaming tool, making going live on Twitch easy and accessible. Add your Twitch channel to your Restream account in less than two minutes, then launch Restream Studio and start toggling all the awesome features to set up your perfect stream. You can also add your other favorite live streaming platforms, such YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, to Restream and stream to all of them simultaneously.

Restream Studio’s features help make your Twitch live stream more dynamic:

  • Add your own logo
  • Custom backgrounds and overlay graphics
  • Invite guests to the stream
  • Play copyright-free background music
  • Split-screen streaming or screen-sharing
  • Display Twitch chat as an overlay
  • Play local video files
  • Stream in high-definition
  • Custom captions
  • A saved recording of your stream to repurpose for later

Restream Studio also has a record-only mode, so you can record yourself doing a test run of your stream before you go live. Use it to check your lighting, mic, and camera and ensure your overlays and other features are working. Or you can film your entire stream in record-only mode, edit it, then schedule the video to go live later using Restream Events.

Watch our quick Restream Studio tutorial to learn more.

Multistreaming on Twitch is great for expanding your reach, but keeping tabs on all those live chats can get tricky. Restream Studio has a chat overlay feature that displays all the messages coming in through Twitch and any other platform you’re live on. Plus, you can see all chat messages in your Restream Studio dashboard and hide any that are inappropriate, so they don’t show up on your stream.

When you use Restream to go live on Twitch, we also track important analytics for you. You can use these insights to make improvements to your Twitch streams and reach even more viewers.

🦑 Broadcasting Software

You can use Restream and your favorite broadcasting software, such as OBS Studio, to go live on Twitch as well. Add your Twitch channel to your Restream account — then add any of your other favorite streaming platforms so you can multistream — and connect your Restream account to OBS. Restream integrates natively with OBS, so setting it up takes almost no time at all. All you need is your Restream stream key to paste into OBS, and you’re ready to start streaming.

We have a helpful tutorial on how to connect Restream and OBS Studio. Check it out!

OBS also works with the Restream Chat client, which allows you to see messages from all your live chats, across all the platforms you’re broadcasting to. You can see, reply to, and moderate all your chats in a single window on your OBS dashboard.

When you stream using OBS and Restream, you’ll also get access to Restream Analytics, which tracks important stream metrics so you can better understand your broadcasts and how to improve them.

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