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👀 Overview

It’s hard to imagine the internet without YouTube. More than 1.8 billion people with log-ins use YouTube every month — and who knows how many more use it without active accounts. The number of video views, hours of video uploaded, and hours of video watched every minute is staggering. The video sharing platform even managed to become the world’s second largest search engine.

💬 What is YouTube Live?

YouTube officially rolled out live video streaming capabilities to limited partners in 2011, and by the end of 2013, access to live streaming on YouTube was open to all users. YouTube lets anyone with their own channel go live from desktop or mobile, although mobile users need at least 100 subscribers.

🦑 YouTube Live and

Multistreaming + YouTube Live

Using only one streaming platform can limit your ability to reach new audiences. Even if YouTube isn’t your first platform of choice, you can still use it in combination with other platforms by using Restream. It takes less than two minutes to add your YouTube account (and more than 30 of your other favorite live streaming platforms) to your Restream dashboard. When you go live, you select which channels to stream to, and Restream will push your broadcast live on each one, simultaneously.

Restream Studio + YouTube Live

YouTube has a large audience, but you need a captivating stream to attract viewers. With Restream Studio, you can easily go live from your browser, without downloading any live streaming software. You also get access to professional customization features, such as adding your brand logo and graphics, inviting guests to your stream via a secure link, displaying a chat overlay, and multistreaming to more than 30 platforms simultaneously.

Restream Chat + YouTube Live

The live chat is what makes every live stream an interactive event. If you can’t take care of your chat rooms while multistreaming, you risk offending your audience members. With Restream Chat, you’ll have your YouTube chat together with all the other chats from your services in one place. Bad language won’t be a problem either because you can censor certain words and block the worst offenders. With YouTube and Restream Chat, you can also use Relay, which lets messages from other platforms show up on your YouTube chat for your viewers to see.

Restream Events + YouTube Live

Who says live streaming has to be live? Just think about how great it would be if you were able to record and edit your videos and then stream them live on YouTube while you watch together with your audience. With Restream Events, you can upload premade videos and schedule them to go live later on any of your connected platforms. You can also create a social event to share on each platform ahead of time, to promote your upcoming live stream.

Restream Analytics + YouTube Live

Analytics are usually not the most exciting part of any software. But live streaming insights on YouTube can fuel your rise to new live video streaming heights. Restream Analytics will let you see stream metrics, chat metrics, and audience metrics. You’ll learn everything from how much of your stream the audience members watched to the phrases and emojis that are trending in the YouTube chat room. Plus, you get metrics from all the platforms you go live on, not just YouTube.

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