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👀 Overview

Twitter has experimented with video a lot in the past ten years, partnering with other apps and services to provide users with a seamless live video experience. The most recent Twitter-owned live video app, Periscope, ceased support as a separate app in March 2021. Today, Twitter has its own live streaming function, allowing anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection to go live whenever and wherever they want.

💬 What is Twitter Live?

In the same way, you can add rich media such as videos, GIFs, or images to your tweets, you can also add live video. Anyone can go live from mobile, but only certain Twitter users have access to the desktop option, Media Studio Producer.

🦑 Twitter Live and

Multistreaming + Twitter Live

If you’re a savvy streamer — or if you plan to become one — you’ll soon find out that using solely Twitter for live streaming is restrictive. Every platform carries only a slice of the demographic that might be interested in your content. The way to solve the issue is to multistream, or go live on multiple platforms simultaneously. Restream is a multistreaming tool that’s easy to set up and use, and it has native support for over 30 different platforms.

Restream Studio + Twitter Live

Twitter only allows mobile streaming for most users, but you can get around that (and avoid having to use an encoder) if you go live with Restream Studio. Our browser-based live streaming solution lets you go live in minutes by adding your preferred streaming channels to your Restream account. You can customize your stream to make it professional and engaging, as well, by adding your brand’s logos and graphics, inviting up to six guests, sharing your screen, adopting a split-screen layout, displaying a live chat overlay, and more.

Restream Events + Twitter Live

Live streaming on Twitter has an impromptu charm about it, but being able to create a video and broadcast it at your convenience is just as great as streaming on the spot. In some cases, it might even be better. If you use Restream Events, you can broadcast polished, edited videos to Twitter — without the stress of actually going live. You can also push that edited stream onto other platforms to broadcast at the same time. Restream Events even lets you schedule live streams, so you can create an event with a shareable link to post on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and whichever platform you choose — maximum reach with minimal hassle.

Restream Analytics + Twitter Live

For Twitter and live streaming in general, it’s important to see how good you are at grabbing attention and keeping your audience watching. These are some of the metrics that will be available to you when you use Restream Analytics. You’ll also get a look at how people are talking in your chats. You can learn about the keywords that keep popping up and follow the trends of emoji usage. Restream Analytics will help you understand your audience and communicate with them effectively.

💁 Help

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