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What is Twitter Live?

Rich media, such as videos, GIFs, or images, make your tweets more engaging (and more likely to be seen). You can also add live video to your tweets. Anyone can go live from mobile, but only certain Twitter users have access to the desktop option, Media Studio Producer. As of Q2 2021, Twitter had 206 million daily active users worldwide.

If you want to go live on Twitter using Restream, you have two choices. You can launch Restream Studio and go live directly from your browser or connect Restream to live streaming software such as OBS Studio. With both options, you can multistream to Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and more than thirty other platforms at the same time.

Restream Studio

Put live content in front of your Twitter followers in just a few clicks by connecting your Twitter account to Restream Studio. Our live studio lets you broadcast to Twitter directly, without having to download any software. Simply connect your Twitter profile to your Restream account, launch our live Studio, and start modifying your stream with all of our accessible features.

With Restream Studio, you can:

  • Add your brand logo
  • Use custom branded backgrounds and overlays
  • Do split-screen streaming to share your screen or feature a guest
  • Invite up to five guests
  • Play copyright-free background music
  • Display custom captions
  • Play local video files
  • Stream in HD
  • Add an RTMP source from a third-party tool like Zoom
  • Stream to more than thirty platforms at the same time

Restream Studio also has a record-only feature, so you can take advantage of all our awesome features without having to broadcast on any platforms. Do a test run of your stream and play it back to see how you did or edit the recording into a polished video that you can schedule to go live later with our Events tool.

Check out this quick tutorial for more tips on using Restream Studio to go live on Twitter.

Broadcasting software

Restream works seamlessly with major encoding software like OBS Studio. If you prefer to go live on Twitter using OBS, you can still use Restream to multistream to other platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, at the same time. All it takes is adding your live streaming channels to your Restream account, then pasting your Restream stream key into OBS. You can still use Restream Events to schedule live events using OBS Studio as well. Simply select “Encoder | RTMP” when setting up your event, and you’ll get the URL and stream key you need to plug into OBS.

Need a quick tutorial on how to set up Restream and OBS Studio? We’ve got you covered!

Streaming on Twitter is an excellent way to share live updates with your followers, or start engaging conversations. Why not broaden your reach further and multistream to other platforms as well?


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