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Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allows users to communicate using video, audio, phone and chat. It’s become the standard tool of choice for remote workplaces of all sizes for virtual meetings, but it’s also used for webinars and online presentations. Zoom’s popularity took off in 2020 during the global pandemic and it surpassed 300 million daily meeting participants in April of that year — up from only 10 million five months prior.

Zoom lets you live stream your meetings and webinars to integrated social media platforms like Facebook, but the features you can use are limited to Zoom’s platform. If you want to stream to more than one social media platform simultaneously or add elements like custom graphics, chat overlay, or a local video file, you need a live streaming tool like Restream Studio.

Zoom + Restream

With Restream you can make your Zoom call more engaging and multistream it to several destinations simultaneously. Broadcasting to more than one platform can boost your exposure and allow your audience to watch your live video on the platform of their choice, rather than having to join your Zoom call to tune in.

Watch this quick tutorial to see how to use Zoom with Restream.

Restream Studio

Restream Studio is our browser-based live streaming solution that lets you create professional and engaging broadcasts and stream them live on your favorite platforms. You can easily connect your Zoom and Restream accounts and configure your Zoom settings for live streams. Once you’re inside our Live Studio, you can access tons of features to help you create your broadcast, including:

  • Multistreaming to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other platforms
  • Adding custom logos, captions, scrolling text and background graphics
  • Playing local video files
  • Displaying a PowerPoint or other presentation slides
  • High-definition streaming
  • Saving a recording of your stream for editing afterward
  • Monitoring the live chat from each platform in one place
  • Robust stream analytics for powerful insights about your broadcast

Restream Studio also has a record-only feature to let you test your broadcast before going live. You can also use Restream to schedule live streams in advance on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, to help promote them to your audience.

Learn more about going live with Restream Studio in this quick tutorial.


When you connect your Zoom and Restream accounts, you can choose from more than 30 platforms to stream to. Broadcast your Zoom call, meeting, or webinar to your LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter profile and several other places where you’ve built up a community of followers and subscribers.

Live stream with a free Zoom account

Live streaming is a Zoom feature that usually requires a paid account. But if you use Restream and OBS Studio, you can broadcast your Zoom meeting to multiple streaming platforms simultaneously, including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and more, without having to get a paid Zoom account. Read our guide to connecting Zoom and Restream to learn how to do it.


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