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What is LinkedIn Live?

LinkedIn officially rolled out its live streaming service in early 2019, and it’s seen continual improvements and better user experiences ever since. You can stream as a LinkedIn member or as a page, but you need approval from the platform to go live.

Use LinkedIn Live with Restream in two ways. The first lets you put a live broadcast on LinkedIn directly from your browser, via Restream Studio. The second way to stream with LinkedIn and Restream is to use your favorite live streaming software. With both options, you can multistream your broadcast on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and more than thirty other live streaming platforms at once.

Restream Studio

Restream Studio is a simple live streaming solution that requires only your webcam, mic, computer, and a web browser to launch. Connect your LinkedIn profile or page to your Restream account in less than two minutes, enter our live studio, toggle your settings, and start streaming. While you’re at it, you can connect other platforms to Restream so your live streamed event shows up in more than one place.

With Restream Studio, you have access to many features that help you pull off a professional-looking broadcast:

  • Invite guests to your broadcast by sending a simple link
  • Upload your logo and custom background graphics
  • Stream with split-screen and screen-sharing options
  • Play local video files
  • Add an RTMP source from a third-party tool such as Zoom
  • Stream in high-definition
  • Add and customize captions
  • Access a recording of your stream video for repurposing later

You don’t have to go live when you use Restream Studio, though. There’s a record-only mode, which lets you take advantage of all of our live studio’s awesome features, without having to broadcast live. Do a test run of your stream or film a video to edit for later.

Learn more about using Restream Studio and all its features with our quick tutorial.

Restream Studio also has a chat overlay feature, which allows you to display all the messages you receive via the LinkedIn Live chat on your stream. That way, viewers from other platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook, can see what viewers on LinkedIn are saying about your broadcast.

Using Restream Events, you can also schedule a LinkedIn Live event in advance. Restream will give a shareable event link you can send out to take people directly to your live broadcast once it starts.

To make the most of live streaming on LinkedIn, you need to know how well your broadcasts are doing. When you stream on LinkedIn with Restream, we’ll keep track of your key analytics, such as watched minutes and average viewers, to help you make better decisions about your LinkedIn Live strategy.

Broadcasting software

If you’re comfortable using live streaming software, such as OBS Studio, you can still use it and Restream to go live on LinkedIn. Simply connect your LinkedIn page or profile to Restream, integrate Restream with OBS, and you’re ready to start streaming! You can add your other live streaming channels to your Restream dashboard as well. Broadcast to LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and more than thirty other platforms all at the same time.

Have questions about connecting Restream to OBS? Watch our tutorial to see how to do it.

Restream also makes staying updated on all the chat messages from your viewers easy. When you download our chat client, Restream Chat, you can see all messages in one convenient chat window on your OBS dashboard. Although you cannot currently reply to the live chat on LinkedIn via Restream, you can send messages to other platforms you’re live on, such as YouTube or Facebook.

The Restream Events tool and our analytics feature still work if you decide to stream with encoding software. When you create a new event in Restream, set the destination as Encoder | RTMP rather than Restream Studio, and you’ll get a stream key you can paste into OBS. When you connect LinkedIn to Restream and Restream to OBS, we’ll track your stream analytics for you too.


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