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👀 Overview

LinkedIn officially rolled out its live streaming service in early 2019, and it’s seen continual improvements and better user experience ever since. The number of live streamers on LinkedIn has grown, but you still require approval before you can go live on the platform.

💬 What is LinkedIn Live?

LinkedIn Live is LinkedIn’s live video streaming service. You can stream as a LinkedIn member or as a page, and you need approval to go live as of July 2021. After partnering with some of the biggest businesses in the video streaming niche and a great year in 2020, LinkedIn Live might just gain enough steam to open its service to everyone.

🦑 LinkedIn Live and

Multistreaming + LinkedIn Live

No matter how much value you deliver in your live streams, it’s only as good as your reach. As a multistreaming service, Restream lets you connect to LinkedIn Live and over 30 other live streaming platforms and websites. You can broadcast your content to multiple platforms at the same time without any extra setup or equipment.

Restream Studio + LinkedIn Live

If you want an easier live streaming solution while still creating professional-looking streams, Restream Studio can help you out. Restream Studio launches in your web browser, so no download is needed. You can connect your LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and other preferred live streaming channels and create an engaging stream with the many customization options available. Invite guests, add your logo and brand graphics, display a chat overlay, and more.

Restream Events + LinkedIn Live

Often, pre-recorded video can be made with much more creativity and skill than live video. But how do you live stream a pre-recorded video? With Restream Events, you can schedule premade videos to go live on LinkedIn and your other favorite live streaming platforms. You upload your video, choose a time, date, and title, and your video will broadcast automatically on your chosen date.

Restream Analytics + LinkedIn Live

You should always look for ways to improve your live streams. Using stream and audience metrics, you can analyze your streams to make them better and more relevant. Restream Analytics records all that handy information and saves it for you to study at your convenience.

Restream Chat + LinkedIn Live

As you live stream video, the messages your viewers send to you are an important source of feedback. Restream Chat is a tool that enables you to handle chats from multiple streams across several live streaming platforms in a single window.

As of July 2021, Restream Chat cannot integrate with LinkedIn Live. As soon as it can, however, grab it and start using it — you’ll be amazed at how useful it is!

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