To stream on Twitch from Xbox you can either use the Twitch app on your Xbox or plug your console into a capture card.

Stream from the Twitch app on Xbox

  1. Turn on your Xbox and go to the Microsoft Store to download the Twitch app, if it’s not already installed.
  2. Sign into your Twitch account. You will need to open in a web browser on another device to enter your activation code.
  3. Select Broadcast from the top menu on the Twitch app.
  4. Adjust your stream settings. Add a stream title, select the position for your broadcast bar, toggle your microphone, and choose your stream resolution. The highest available stream resolution on Twitch is 1080p. It’s not recommended that you change the bitrate — leave it as Automatic. You will also automatically be placed in the category of the game you’re playing.
  5. Connect your webcam to your Xbox via USB if you wish to have a video feed during your stream.
  6. Open up and launch your game, then switch back to the Twitch app and select Start Streaming.
  7. End the stream by relaunching the Twitch app (press the Xbox button) and select Stop Streaming.

Using the Xbox Twitch app, your live stream customization options are limited. To have more control over your stream, you can use a capture card to connect your Xbox and your computer and encoding software like OBS to add elements to your stream. If you want your gaming content to reach even more audiences, you can integrate OBS with Restream. Restream’s multistreaming service lets you choose from 30+ social channels and broadcast on all of them simultaneously while using OBS.