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How does it work?

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Your webcam test is now running!
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Troubleshooting Guide

Problems with your webcam? There are few things you can try to get it working again. Go through each of these troubleshooting steps until you find the problem.

Give your browser permission

Make sure you allow your web browser to access your webcam before running the camera test. You can do this by selecting Start Test and then clicking Allow when your browser asks to use your webcam.

Enable your camera in your computer’s settings

First, check that your webcam is turned on. Some webcam models have an on/off switch. Then, go to your computer’s privacy settings and look for app permissions. Under Camera, you should see if your computer has given access to your webcam.

Make sure your webcam cable isn’t defective

Sometimes a faulty cable can prevent your webcam from working. Check your webcam cable for damage. Then, try unplugging it and plugging it into a different USB port.

Choose the right webcam source

Double-check that you have the correct camera selected as your source on your web browser. If you’re using a virtual webcam or multiple cameras, your browser will choose one of them as the default.

Make sure it’s the camera you actually want to test. You may also need to launch your webcam’s app or software on your computer to get your browser to recognize it as the source.

Check for a firewall

If you’re running the webcam test on a company or school network, there might be firewalls or other security measures in place to prevent you from giving the browser permission to access your webcam.

Download the latest drivers for your webcam

Your webcam’s software may not be up to date and it could prevent your webcam from working properly. You can update the driver by going to your computer’s device manager, finding your webcam in the list, and checking for new updates.

Why should you use a webcam test?

You need a high-quality webcam connection for many reasons, like hosting video calls for business, broadcasting live video online, or recording a video to post and share later.

Use our free webcam test to check your webcam quality, lighting, framing and posture before you start a call or hit record.

Why should you use a webcam test?
No sign-up required — we respect your privacy

No sign-up required — we respect your privacy

You don't need to create an account and you don't have to download anything to use our webcam test. Click theStart Testbutton above and immediately get a preview of how your webcam will look during a video call or live stream. Quickly and easily test your camera online — we can't record or save your webcam test and only you can see your webcam.

Go beyond the webcam test and start recording

When you’re done testing your webcam and ready to start recording, you can use our browser-based live streaming software,Restream Studio.

It has a record-only feature so you can create polished, engaging videos using all ofRestream Studio's tools, such as royalty-free background music, custom graphics like overlays and captions, and inviting guests to join your video with you.

Go beyond the webcam test and start recording
Tips and Tricks

Webcam tips

Frame yourself

Set up your webcam so it’s at eye level with you (and not angled up or down). Position yourself in the center of the frame.

Get good lighting

Webcams don’t capture low light well. On camera, a dark room shows up with a lot of digital noise and grain. Get a light and place it behind the camera so your face is illuminated properly.

Clean up your background

Get rid of all the clutter so you can focus on the star: you! If you have decorations behind you, keep them simple and clean.

Upgrade your webcam

If you’re using your laptop’s internal webcam, it could be the reason for poor quality. Try upgrading to an external webcam for the best results.

For more webcam tips, check out our video lighting guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I test multiple webcams?

If you're using more than one webcam, you can switch between them to test them both. Once you've tested your first webcam, stop the test and change the source in your browser to your other camera.

Why is my webcam not working?

Your webcam may not be working because of a hardware defect, outdated software drivers, disabled access for your camera on your computer, or problems with your firewall/antivirus software.

How do I troubleshoot my webcam?

Here are a few things you can try if your webcam isn’t working: test the webcam with multiple devices; try plugging the webcam cable into a different USB port on your computer; check your computer privacy settings to ensure access to the camera is enabled; update your webcam’s drivers; and uninstall your webcam and install it again.

How is my webcam being tested?

Our tool tests your webcam first by you granting your browser access to your webcam. Then, you’ll see a preview from your webcam in the viewing window at the top of the page.

We don't record any video coming from your webcam during your camera test.


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