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AI Sales Script Generator — create persuasive scripts automatically

Our free AI-powered tool helps you generate highly effective sales scripts in minutes. Manually writing sales copy is time-consuming and difficult. Save time and effort by using our AI Sales Script Generator. Simply provide some basic information about your product and our advanced AI will automatically create a persuasive script optimized for video, podcast, or livestream formats.

Choose from a variety of tones of voice to match your brand and audience, from enthusiastic and casual to professional and matter-of-fact. Our AI understands the nuances of great sales copy and will generate a script that resonates with your target customers.

You can generate unlimited sales scripts for free, with no account required. Since our tool runs on cutting-edge AI technology, you'll get high-quality, convincing results every time. Use our free AI script generator for all your sales and marketing needs, from social media videos to podcast ad reads to livestream product promotions.

Secure and easy to use

No need to download any software to use our AI sales script tool. You don't need to create an account either, and we don't show any ads. Once you've generated your script, we delete your data from our secure servers.

Secure AI Tool
Sales Script Customization

Fully customizable scripts

You have full control over the sales scripts our AI creates. Easily edit the generated copy directly, select a different tone of voice, or generate a new script from scratch. Our flexible tool lets you craft the perfect script for your needs.

Make your script even better with Restream Studio

Put your AI-generated sales script to use by recording a video in Restream Studio. Take advantage of custom captions, backgrounds, logos and more. Invite remote guests to join you on-screen. When you're done, download your recorded video to share anywhere.

AI Sales Script Generator

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I generate a sales script with AI?

You can easily generate sales scripts using Restream's free AI Sales Script Generator.

  1. Enter the name, description, or link to your product.
  2. Select the format (video, podcast, livestream).
  3. Choose the tone of voice for your script.
  4. Click Generate and your AI-powered sales script will be created in seconds.

Can I customize the AI-generated sales scripts?

Yes, you can fully customize the sales scripts created by our AI tool. Edit the text directly, choose a different tone, or generate a new script entirely. Our tool gives you complete flexibility.

Is the AI Sales Script Generator really free?

Yes, our AI sales script generation tool is completely free, with no account required. There are no hidden fees or upsells. Generate as many scripts as you need at no cost.

How good are the AI-generated sales scripts?

Our AI uses advanced language models to generate highly persuasive, natural-sounding sales scripts. The scripts are optimized for the format you select , whether video, podcast or livestream. Many users report excellent results from using our AI-powered scripts.

What information do I need to generate a sales script?

To generate an effective sales script, you'll need the name of your product or offering, and ideally a short description or link with more details. You'll also select the format (video, podcast, livestream) and desired tone of voice. That's all our AI needs to generate a great script.


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