Multistreaming to Twitch and YouTube at the same time helps you broaden your audience reach and lets viewers watch your stream on their preferred platforms.

Our all-in-one video platform makes it easy to create beautiful videos and multistream them to your favorite social channels.

To stream on YouTube and Twitch at the same time with Restream, you have two options:

  • Multistream to YouTube with Restream Studio
  • Multistream to YouTube with Restream and OBS

👉 Multistream to YouTube with Restream Studio

If you don’t want to use encoding software to multistream on YouTube and Twitch at the same time, you can go live from your browser with Restream Studio. Repeat steps one through five from above, connecting your YouTube and Twitch channels to your Restream account. Feel free to connect any other channels you want to stream to as well.

After adding your channels, launch the Restream Live Studio.

Restream Studio buttons

Once inside the Live Studio, you can allow access to your webcam and mic, and you can share your screen. You can also invite guests to your stream by sending them a secure link, add other sources like RTMP or a local video file, and toggle your resolution and frame rate settings.

Keep in mind that for some Restream Studio features, you will need a paid subscription plan.

👉 Multistream on YouTube with Restream and OBS

1. Log into your Restream account.

2. Select “Add channel” on your Restream dashboard.

3. Choose YouTube from the list of channels.

Add YouTube to Restream

4. Click on Connect YouTube. You will have to sign in with your YouTube credentials and authorize Restream for certain permissions on YouTube.

Access to your Google Account

5. Repeat steps two through four for Twitch (or any other platform you’d like to stream to).

6. Open OBS Studio.

7. Choose Settings from the bottom right corner.

OBS Studio settings

8. Click on the Stream tab.

9. Select — RTMP from the dropdown menu next to Source.

OBS Studio stream settings

10. Click Connect Account.

11. Enter your Restream account email and password in the window that opens and click Allow.

Authorize OBS Studio to use with Restream

12. Click OK on the OBS Settings window to save your settings.

13. Manage your live stream with the Restream widgets that pop up in OBS Studio.

a. The Restream Chat window lets you see messages from every platform you’re live on.

The Multistreaming window lets you toggle which platforms to broadcast to.

The Stream Information window lets you name your stream and select a game (if you’re streaming gameplay).

OBS Studio interface

Once you’ve set up your scenes in OBS and connected your webcam and mic as sources, you’re ready to start streaming!