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Video interview

What is a video interview?

A video interview is an interview that takes place between two people who are not in the same physical location. Another name for it is virtual interview. Both participants use a camera and microphone to see, hear and speak to each other, usually over the internet. Several applications and programs help facilitate video interviews and you can do a video interview on a computer, tablet, smartphone or just about any internet-enabled device.

Video interviews are common in the job recruitment process, but they’re also a big part of online live video streaming. Many live shows broadcast on social media and other platforms are formatted as a series of video interviews. The host of the live show interviews a featured guest while broadcasting the interview in real time online to viewers.

Live streaming platforms for video interviews

There are several platforms that allow you to conduct a video interview for a live broadcast. The most commonly used ones are:

  • YouTube Live: best platform for interviews on general topics.
  • LinkedIn Live: best platform for business- and work-related interviews.
  • Facebook Live: best platform for interviews in specific communities and groups.
  • Instagram Live: best platform for shorter interviews.
  • Twitch: best platform for interviews in the video gaming industry.

How to do a video interview: Tips

To do a video interview for your live stream, you will need to broadcast to a streaming platform where people can view it. You may also need streaming software to customize your stream or allow more than one guest to participate in your interview.

Keep these tips and best practices in mind when conducting video interviews:

  • Make sure your face is well lit and try to use natural lighting as much as possible. Ask your interviewee to do the same.
  • Ready your graphics and captions ahead of time.
  • Run a camera and mic test with your interviewee before you go live.
  • Test your internet upload speed and make sure you’re connected via ethernet cable instead of via Wi-Fi.
  • Use a reliable and secure streaming software, like Restream Studio, that makes it easy for a guest to join your live broadcast. 

Before you and your interviewee go live, use this live show checklist to make sure everything is ready.