You have to engage your audience to grow your popularity. Most streamers learn this rule intuitively at some point. If you choose to build a live community around your streams, you have to treat it as such. Your viewers commit a part of their day to watching you. It is not solely the gameplay they come to see; they are looking for entertainment as well as human interaction.

We all pick our favorite broadcasters because we like something they do, how they look, how they behave or what they say and how they say it. We like entertaining personalities most of all. So, here are some cool ideas you can use during one of your broadcasts. Some of them are easy, while others require basic prep.

We’ve already covered types of content to plan for personal brand streams, so now it’s time for us to give you a sweet collection of streaming ideas. Building a community of real people around your broadcasts means reaching out to every one of your viewers in a way that is one of a kind. Just think about how people subscribe to a streamer. They watch a charismatic performer, they like his way of talking, the mannerisms, and the humor, they grow to like the content, and eventually they choose to come back to watch more and subscribe.

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🤩 Top-notch fun live stream ideas

  1. Arrange a spontaneous live session. Scheduling streams is important, but being spontaneous from time to time may yield you a bunch of new viewers. Getting in during a rush hour with an interesting piece of content will 100% only benefit your streams overall.
  2. Show off your streaming setup (behind the scenes). A sweet little teaser like this will help your audience get to know you better. It will also teach your viewers something useful. Grateful fans always come back for more, don’t they?
  3. Organize a Q&A session. It boosts interactions, draws more people to join your stream, and helps your viewers connect to your true personality. In the modern world, being real is what gets the most appreciation. Prep the questions beforehand or read them from chat. It’s up to you.
  4. Do a house tour. Considering you’re building a relationship with viewers, imagine taking your classmate home to show your room. It is fun, it has always been fun, and we believe it will never lose its appeal.
  5. Share your expertise. Whether you’ve got a cool set of tips to set up great audio for live streaming or you wish to share your experience of stream scheduling and brand collaborations, either way, your viewers will be pleased you want to teach them stuff. Harris Heller is a good example of how it’s done.
  6. Newsjacking is an awesome way to jump up in viewer ratings and enjoy more publicity. Connecting to a trendy news story is somewhat cheeky, but it’s a very effective way to amp up views on your streams. TWiT on Twitch does it well.
  7. Create a brief tutorial of a tool you use to, say, design your streaming channel overlays. Make it quick and easy for your viewers to absorb. Showing your skill will build up your authority and draw more attention to your streams.
  8. Plug in your networking skills and invite an influencer or colleague for a live interview. This event will liven up your streaming sessions and add that little something that will draw your viewers to come back the next time. An amazing example of such interviews would be Joe Rogan’s podcast.
  9. Share your thoughts on an event in the industry, then invite your audience to participate in a poll on the topic. This will work as a gamification feature to your channel. And so will the next couple of suggestions.
  10. A quiz will get your audience thinking. People love them and love taking them in real time. Chances are, a bunch of relevant questions will spark interest among your viewers. Quizzes require thorough prep though. Make sure the answers to your questions are somewhat humorous and not too difficult to answer. Remember, the quiz should stay entertaining.
  11. Arrange a challenge or bet. There are so many crazy things you can challenge yourself or your viewers to do. Try something like what MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) once did. Way to go, dude!
  12. What about your favorite dish how-to? Wouldn’t it be fun to demonstrate your cooking and eating skills? In case you didn’t know, mukbang is a relatively new super trend. People eat on stream and interact with their audience. It is said that satisfying basic instincts has bonded people and cultures across centuries.
  13. Continuing with the culinary theme, have you ever watched one of those “trying sour jelly beans live” videos? You haven’t? Then stop wasting your time, run to your closest grocery store, pick up your packet, and get ready to have a blast trying them out on your live stream.
  14. Talking to your viewers may be as much fun as challenging them. Ask them (and yourself) questions like “What would I advise my younger self?” This type of content will give your viewers a chance to ponder some crucial existential questions. It will also open a hidden part of your personality to them and build trust even more.
  15. How about taking your viewers for a night out and about? Do your thing and let them follow you around. We sure think it’s fun to take all your virtual friends for a latte or a local street concert. By showing a part of your real life to your audience you are reaching out to their personalities and ultimately winning their loyalty.
  16. Performing a talent on a live stream may seem odd to some and dumb to others. It’s not so much for live stream hosts in China, with some of them making up to $40 million per year. If playing your favorite instrument or singing along to your favorite song during a live stream just does not agree with you, that’s ok. But if it is something you’d do around your real-time friends, why not try and showcase your art to a grateful audience.
  17. Arrange a flash sale. It may sound cheap, but if you’ve worked on your merch for some time and you know it’s good stuff, why not? It’s not that you’re selling your bathwater or anything. By the way, besides sporting the bathwater idea, Belle Delphine presents a worthy standard for cosplay, which leads us to the next suggestion.
  18. Play dress-up or cosplay on your stream. How fun would it be to dress up as your favorite movie character? Do not wait until November to do it. Surprise your viewers at any time. Besides, it is probably one of the easiest things to prepare for. Make sure to add the makeup for even more fun! Challenge your viewers to copy your look and send pictures next time you stream. You don’t have to, but it’s an awesome interaction boost.
  19. Host a giveaway contest. This is a fun activity known to boost views and add subscribers. An event like this helps your live stream go around in much bigger circles than it usually does. Leverage your social media to spread the word.
  20. Create a live stream dedicated to a great fundraiser. Complement your efforts with multistreaming. Spread the word and multistream your feed to more than thirty various channels. Build your audiences and awareness like you have never done before. will help you do that in a jiffy. Just sign up and add all of your channels so you have the capacity to multistream right away once you go live.
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Being a good host is not only about creating great content ideas, but also being generally nice and pleasant to watch. Now that we know what to do on a live stream, let’s discuss a couple of things that are better to avoid.

😱 What to avoid when live streaming

We’ve already covered a couple of things you absolutely should avoid doing during your live stream on our blog. Most streaming platforms mention prohibited activities on live streams. We thought we’d mention a few things that may turn the faces of your audience away from your streams:

  • Alcohol consumption. This will never do you much good. Even if you do not get a penalty, you still risk embarrassing yourself in front of your crowd when intoxicated.
  • Spam your streaming URL into somebody else’s community!
  • Keep silent during your stream. A quiet stream is probably the Twitch nightmare. Just imagine sitting there for three hours straight with just five to ten words to say!
  • Leave for long periods of time during your scheduled live stream. You do that once and people will not get back to you ever.
  • Arrange events, quizzes, talent shows, etc. without preparation. Go with a casual stream instead if you do not have enough time.
  • Bitter talk. Some people like to gossip, but if it is too much and becomes intoxicating, people will leave. Don’t be salty and toxic.
  • Copy somebody else’s style. It will get noticed instantly. The reveal will not be pretty.

🙌 To conclude

Even if you got all sucked up by the numerous ideas of things to do on a live stream, keep in mind that the initial goal is to bring more fun and entertainment into your live streams, liven things up a bit, draw more attention to your broadcasts, and build a relationship with already existing viewers.
By choosing to branch out and spice things up for your viewers, you’re adding value to your content. Once you’ve made up your mind to invest more time in your streaming career, you might as well use progressive multistreaming tools like Restream to facilitate your task of audience building.