Many DJs, radio stations, and podcasters struggle to expand content offerings to live video because of perceived limits on production quality. Follow our tips to learn how to live stream pre-recorded, edited video and hack growth for your radio broadcast.

Live streaming isn’t just for gamers anymore. By 2021, live video is projected to grow into a $70 billion dollar industry. Content creators of all kinds are looking for ways to expand into this market. DJs, radio stations, and podcast creators are especially appropriate leaders for growth in live streaming.

However, many radio broadcast teams avoid scaling live video. Why?

Traditionally, achieving high-quality audio (and video) with live streaming has been possible only for big production teams with special equipment. This “accepted reality” deters smaller radio stations and DJs from growing their live video as a growth channel.

“We can’t stream live right from the studio because the quality of audio doesn’t match the expectations of our listeners. We’d end up having to re-cut, master the audio, then re-upload video assets to ensure a high standard of audio. It would be great to have the same quality of edits and audio for the live stream itself.”

Streaming low-quality audio and video only to edit it later and re-upload defeats the purpose of live streaming.

However, it is possible to batch, edit, and expand video content for radio and podcasts before ever going live, removing the significant pain points for content creators. Here are 3 tips for DJs, radio stations, and podcast creators to grow into live video and maintain high production quality.

1. Schedule your live video

For many people new to live streaming, the idea of going live with pre-recorded video seems counterintuitive. They don’t expect it to be an option and don’t look for it. Without a doubt, scheduled video is the easiest way to scale live stream content and ensure high production value.

Fortunately, it’s extremely simple to live stream with pre-recorded video if you have a good scheduling tool. With Restream Scheduler, DJs, radio stations, and podcasts can feature exclusive, high-quality video content on their live streams — and do so at scale.

Benefits of pre-recording live video for radio

With pre-planned and recorded video content, radio teams can maintain high production value right in the live stream. Because you can plan any video to go live according to your calendar, teams can take the time they need to cut and master the video professionally.

“With Scheduler, we’ve been able to batch our editing for dedicated live video. Now we can ensure that we get the best edit in Final Cut Pro before publishing. Plus, we’ve been able to add multi-camera shots and branding to make our in-studio streams look more professional and dynamic.”

Without the variability of capturing live audio for a stream, audio mastering teams can perfect levels and control for technical errors without the anxiety that traditionally accompanies live audio.

“Our listeners follow us for a great musical experience. We polish the audio with Avid Pro Tools then schedule the pre-recorded videos to stream. Listeners now feel like their right in the studio with us.”

How does scheduled live video work

In order to stream pre-recorded video, you need one or more videos that you want to schedule to go live. Once you have your videos ready for publication, sign into Restream, then follow the guided instructions:

  1. Log in to Restream and find Scheduler icon on the left menu
  2. Go to the Videos tab, upload your video, and wait for processing
  3. Finalize and approve your video
  4. Go to the Schedule tab, and click Schedule Event
  5. Follow the prompts to create your event in the calendar

To plan out your live stream events, drop all your pre-recorded videos into the Scheduler calendar according to your publishing timeline. You can learn more about how to schedule an event in Scheduler to get step-by-step instructions. Don’t forget to set up your Restream channels to distribute your video to multiple streaming platforms at the same time.

Your planned videos in Scheduler will stream live automatically at their planned times — no hassle, no worry.

Scheduling an event in Restream Scheduler
*Scheduling an event in Restream Scheduler

2. Multistream your video

The biggest issue for radio and podcast teams expanding live video content is maintaining quality. With scheduling, this problem disappears and creators can focus on reaching and growing their live audiences.

Live streamers can reach viewers everywhere with multistreaming tools like Restream, which allow you to publish once but go live to more than 30+ supported platforms simultaneously. Simply connect your YouTube, Periscope, or other end-platform channels in Restream. In Scheduler, you can then select one or several to stream to when planning live events.

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3. Focus on community building

One of the most important live video tips for broadcasting to remember is to focus on community building. In other words, when creators are no longer bogged down with sub-optimal editing processes and tedious publication, they can focus on the things that add real value to their content — from listener-focused content types to improved community interaction.

Radio and podcast teams can easily follow listener feedback and respond using aggregated chat from all the supported platforms. With Restream Chat, all messaging from your platforms is centralized, making community building easier than ever. Plus, all listeners are able to interact cross-platform, which boosts engagement and participation on all channels quickly and seamlessly.

“Recently, a young band visited our studio. We went live with their recorded performance the next day. The band was able to review and participate in the live stream itself — they even talked to their fans via Restream Chat while their performance streamed! The band was happy. We were happy. And the fans were happy.”

For any creative radio or podcast team looking to expand into live video, Restream for end-to-end publishing is a must. Restream Scheduler makes live video realistic for radio by removing the most frustrating and paralyzing issues of editing and audio mastering. Multistreaming makes scaling and growing with live video simple. Restream itself easily helps radio stations amplify live stream content and authentically engage with listeners.

Live video for radio has never been easier or more effective.

If you have questions about how Restream can work for your team, get in touch. We’re happy to help!