Restream Studio: Everything you need to know

Restream Studio is a browser-based live streaming service that’s packed with features and tools to make live streaming easier. Create professional live streams with the user-friendly Studio.
Restream Studio: Everything you need to know

Technology never stands in place. We constantly evolve and uncover amazing new ideas that improve our lives on a daily basis. When you think of the latest trends in the world of entertainment and communication, live streaming immediately comes to mind. And just like the technological world around us, live streaming is no longer what it used to be.

Today, live streaming is fast, reliable, highly functional, and most importantly, simple. Different live streaming services excel in different aspects, but Restream Studio combines all the best elements of the best live streaming services into one. This article covers Restream Studio’s amazing features, as well as popular use cases to inspire your live streaming content. This is the ultimate guide to Restream Studio — your streaming companion.

What is Restream Studio?

Restream Studio is a modern, professional live streaming solution that allows you to broadcast your live content to multiple top streaming platforms, including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, LinkedIn, Twitch, Twitter, and more. It doesn’t require any third-party applications or software — it runs directly from your browser.

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Restream Studio is the easiest way to create high-quality live videos on multiple platforms at once. It's user-friendly and offers an engaging viewer experience.

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Everything you need to multistream on your favorite social channels is contained in a single browser tab. How cool is that?

Restream Studio also allows you to add guests directly to the stream, share your screen with the audience, play local video files, and more!

The requirements for live streaming equipment couldn’t be any easier. The bare minimum is an average PC or Mac, a stable internet connection, a webcam, webcam software (like Restream Studio), and a microphone. Keep in mind, however, that fast internet doesn’t necessarily mean stable internet. And for live streaming, a stable connection is crucial.

Restream Studio automatically optimizes video settings for the smoothest streaming experience on the most popular platforms. That’s why you don’t have to worry about manually adjusting your stream settings. Simply hit that Go Live button whenever you’re ready!

Note: Sometimes, in order to have more control over your stream, you may want to use third-party encoders such as OBS Studio, Xsplit, or others. This is especially true when live streaming video games.

Restream Studio features

With Restream Studio you have an arsenal of useful tools to help you deliver an awesome live stream, including the ability to add custom captions, background images, overlays, and logos, as well as screen and video sharing options. This webcam software also allows you to add guests directly to your stream and host interviews and Q&A sessions. Let’s look at all these features in more detail.


One of the most efficient ways to maximize your audience reach is to live stream to as many platforms as possible. Restream Studio allows you to broadcast your content to all your favorite live streaming platforms at once. Simply add channels in your Restream dashboard, and your broadcast will automatically be transferred to each one of them when you go live — no additional webcam software is needed.

Inviting Guests

Restream Studio guests

With Restream Studio, you can invite guests on your stream and host professional interviews or podcasts. All it takes to join is sending your guests a single invitation link. The free version allows you to have up to six participants. And if you need to invite more people, you can always upgrade your Restream subscription plan to have nine guests total.

Both the free and paid versions give you at least one permanent invitation link, which you can reuse for all your future co-streams and shows. It's a unique link that is connected to your Restream Studio. But you can also refresh the link and create a new one any time. As such, your live stream sessions are secure, meaning no one can join your steam without your guest invitation link.

Playing video on-stream

Restream Studio lets you upload and share any video content with your audience. Whether it’s a promotional video, a pre-roll, or just a short stream break, this nifty feature can help you engage with your viewers. You can upload any MP4, FLV, GIF, MOV, TS, WEBM video of up to 300 MB in size. After you’ve successfully added your videos, you will be able to display them on your stream. The video will occupy the whole layout and mute all your guests, which makes this feature great for pre-rolls and ad breaks.

Another useful option is the ability to play a local video file. Your added video will display next to your webcam preview. This option is especially cool for reaction content, in which the host reacts to all sorts of videos. There are no specific video requirements for playing a local video file — just make sure your browser can play the file.

Interacting with chat

Restream Studio allows you to see all your viewers’ real-time comments from the platforms you are streaming to in one place. You can highlight any message in chat and display your favorite messages on the screen by simply clicking on them. You can also type in your Restream Chat and interact with your audience directly without any third-party apps or dozens of browser tabs.

Bonus chat features: chat overlays and moderation. Restream Studio lets you throw the chat feed right into your live stream so the audience can see all their comments on the screen. Don’t worry — you can easily moderate the chat to get rid of any potentially harmful and toxic comments.

Screen sharing

Showcasing presentations online is a breeze with Restream Studio thanks to the Share Screen feature. It allows you to show whatever’s displayed on your monitor in a matter of two clicks. Don’t forget to close everything inappropriate or potentially unsafe (passwords, personal data, etc.) before sharing your screen on live streams.

Adding captions

Restream Studio captions

Adding efficient CTAs (calls to action) in Restream Studio couldn’t be easier. You can use the Captions feature to create custom text banners at the bottom left of your stream. Choose what you would like to say to your audience. Whether it’s a call to like and subscribe or a promotional link, you can be sure your audience will notice your message.

Visual customization

To help viewers identify your live streams and distinguish your channel from others, you can add visual branding. The customization process starts with a simple logo or watermark that you add to your stream so people recognize your brand. Restream Studio allows you to add all sorts of custom graphics to your live streams, including background images, unique stream overlays, and watermarks. If you want an even more engaging and professional-looking stream, you can also try Restream Studio’s animated backgrounds.

The background picture is shown when your webcam is off, whereas your overlay will always stay on top of the stream. We recommend a 1280×720 px resolution for your background images and overlays. For watermarks and logos, we recommend 250×250 px.

Split track recordings

Split track recording is a great feature for repurposing live streams. It allows you to download separate, recorded audio tracks of each participant in your live session. With separate audio tracks, it’s so much easier to edit your recorded broadcasts and create high-quality podcasts, teasers, and highlights for your social media accounts.

RTMP Source

RTMP Source allows you to connect your streaming software like OBS Studio, Zoom, or XSplit directly to your Restream Studio. With RTMP Source, you can significantly enhance your live streaming production.

For example, you can connect OBS to Restream Studio and easily change lower thirds, always have your branding on the stream regardless of the camera source, and apply additional visual effects. And by connecting Zoom to Restream Studio, you can increase the number of on-stream guests up to 1000 and even multistream your Zoom phone calls! With RTMP Source, connect virtually any streaming software and create new opportunities for engaging with your audience.

Editing titles

Live streaming to multiple platforms requires a lot of management and organizational skills, so we want to help you save time. The Titles feature allows you to change the name of your stream on the platforms you’re streaming to. This is especially helpful if you live stream to multiple platforms, as you won’t need to set each title manually. With the Titles feature, you can also edit your stream’s description on most streaming services.

Live stream customization options

User experience is our highest priority. Therefore, we are constantly working to improve it. With Restream Studio, it’s possible to arrange the appearance of your live stream guests in virtually any fashion. Also, there’s no overlap between videos and the chat comments or captions. A smooth viewing experience makes for higher-quality live streams.

Full HD streaming

With Restream Studio, you have the choice to live stream in Full HD resolution or stay with the traditional 720p option. Our Pro users can impress their audiences with stunning 1080p live videos via Restream Studio as well.

Background music

Music helps set the tone for your live stream, making it more engaging for your viewers. Although music is a great addition to your broadcast, finding music you can legally use isn’t always easy. Restream Studio solves that problem by letting you choose copyright-free music from our library to add to your stream. There are tracks available in several genres, and they’re infinite, so you don’t have to worry about changing the track in the middle of your stream.

Wrapping up

Restream Studio is a multifunctional live streaming companion that helps you create professional live content and broadcast it simultaneously to multiple streaming platforms, including YouTube Live, Facebook Live, LinkedIn, Twitch, and more. It has lots of amazing features and tools to help you easily maximize your audience reach. Some of the most useful features of Restream Studio include:

  • Multistreaming
  • Inviting guests
  • Playing videos on-stream
  • Interacting with a cross-platform chat
  • Chat overlays and moderation
  • Full HD streaming
  • Screen sharing
  • Adding captions
  • Visual customization
  • Editing titles
  • Copyright-free background music

We at Restream constantly come up with new ideas and evolve our products. Our latest updates to Full HD streaming, chat overlays, and chat moderation prove it! Feel free to send us a message if you want to learn more or have any questions.

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