The best streaming software for Mac in 2024

Are you wondering how to live stream on Mac? Learn about your streaming software options, choose the one that suits your needs, and go live in no time!
Top streaming software for Mac

Apple’s suite of Macs is the go-to for many serious video producers. The sleek, cutting-edge displays and flawless integration with powerful editing tools make Macs incredibly powerful instruments in video production. But video standards and trends are changing, with live streaming well on its way to dominating the market.

So, what do you need to start streaming and creating masterful, high-production-value video content on your Mac? First and foremost, you need a steady and fast internet connection. Then, you need to choose your streaming software for Mac.

The 4 best streaming software for Mac

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room — not all software is compatible with macOS. There’s nothing worse than discovering some neat streaming software while surfing the web, only to realize there’s no macOS version. Fear not, we’ve listed the best Mac streaming software below.

1. Restream Studio

When it comes to professionalism and simplicity, nothing beats Restream Studio. The streaming software allows you to go live on multiple platforms at the same time in just two minutes. Once you choose your streaming destinations, you can start the live stream directly from your browser — no additional third-party apps needed. If you really value your time, try out Restream Studio. Let’s go through the features you may find most useful:

  • Stream directly from a browser
  • Choose from 30+ social channels to stream to at once
  • Add guests to live streams via invitation links
  • Enjoy a wide range of visual customization and branding tools
  • Chat across platforms with ease and use built-in moderation tools
  • Add copyright-free background music
  • Stream in Full HD
  • Upload and stream pre-recorded videos
  • Get 24/7 full support

Restream Studio allows you to take full advantage of live streaming in a simple and straightforward way. With this streaming software, you can grab your Mac and easily create professional live interviews, Q&As, product releases or whatever live event you want.

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Restream Studio is the easiest way to create high-quality live videos on multiple platforms at once. It's user-friendly and offers an engaging viewer experience.

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2. OBS Studio

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio is probably the most famous open source tool for live streaming and screen recording — and it works on Mac. OBS Studio supports Windows and macOS, as well as Linux. It offers lots of cool features and options aimed at making your streams look professional.

The downside is that OBS Studio can be quite overwhelming and may require a lot of effort to set up. However, once you get comfortable with it, live streaming is a breeze.


  • Open source code
  • Low CPU usage
  • First to offer updates
  • Supports every streaming platform
  • Integrates with Restream for multistreaming


  • Few customization and plug-in options
  • Inability to link audio files as sources
  • Can be challenging to learn

3. Streamlabs

Streamlabs is based onOBS Studio — it was designed to be slightly more user-friendly and geared toward beginning streamers. Streamlabs has many of the same features as OBS, including the essential live streaming, desktop recording and basic editing. However, Streamlabs also helps you monetize streams, lets you go live on multiple platforms simultaneously and has a built-in live chat feature.


  • Easy setup
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free customization options
  • “Test before live” button


  • No sound commands
  • Higher CPU load

4. Ecamm Live

Ecamm Live is among the best on the market for specialized streaming software for macOS. It’s tailored for Apple products and offers Mac users dozens of amazing features for live streaming. Ecamm Live allows you to make the most of Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Kick and Twitch video streaming.


  • Specialized for macOS
  • Seamless integration with four top streaming platforms
  • Lots of useful features, from inviting guests to adding overlays and animations on stream
  • Integration with Restream allows you to broadcast to multiple platforms at once


  • Free trial period only lasts for 14 days

How to live stream pre-recorded videos on Mac

While most Mac video creators understand that live video is a valuable content stream that continues to grow, many struggle to balance the high standards of production with the practicalities of live streaming.

Although production quality is definitely important, it’s not the key to a viewer’s heart. Top marketers, including Neil Patel, suggest that audiences are incredibly forgiving when it comes to live streaming. Therefore, it might be a better idea to focus your energy and direct your resources toward other factors, like making your content more engaging or working on your appearance and confidence.

Nonetheless, you don’t really need to compromise the production value of your videos to stream live if you don’t want to. With Restream’s Upload and Stream, you can schedule polished, edited content to publish just like a regular live stream.

Upload and Stream combines Restream’s powerful multistreaming technology with intuitive and useful planning options:

  • Schedule your polished videos to stream live at any time
  • Create and schedule live events to easily promote them on social media
  • Choose from 30+ social channels to stream to at once
  • Simplify your process  —  no broadcasting software or pricey data plans required
  • Ensure the highest-quality streams with complete editing before you go live
  • Save time and energy for engaging with your viewers in real time


Can you live stream on a Mac?

Yes, you can definitely live stream on your Mac! These days, there are several great software options that will let you produce a beautiful, professional live stream.

Does OBS work on Mac?

Yes, OBS works with Mac, PC and Linux. You need macOS 11 (Big Sur) or a later version to run OBS.

Are there any streaming apps for Mac?

Once upon a time, streaming software for Mac was pretty limited. But today you can take your pick of several options, including OBS Studio, Streamlabs Desktop, Ecamm Live and, of course, Restream Studio.

What are OBS alternatives for Mac?

OBS is a powerful tool, and it’s free to use. But it comes with a steep learning curve. Streamlabs is another free tool that gives OBS a run for its money while being much easier to learn. Restream Studio is another option to consider — it’s incredibly simple, packed with awesome features and doesn’t require you to download a thing.

How much does Mac streaming software cost?

Streaming software doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are free options out there, like OBS Studio or Streamlabs. Restream also offers a free option, as well as a range of paid plans, depending on what features you need.

Final thoughts

Nowadays, live streaming on macOS doesn’t really differ from doing it on Windows. You have a load of streaming apps to choose from and you can broadcast to the same platforms you would on Windows. Choosing your Mac streaming software isn’t so hard, either, once you figure out your needs.

While OBS and Streamlabs are very much alike, Restream Studio is a different kind of beast. It allows you to simultaneously go live on as many platforms as you like. And unlike OBS and Streamlabs, you don’t need to download and install Restream Studio — you can live stream directly from your browser. Learn more in our full guide on Restream Studio.

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