COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted our lives in a way few could predict. People all around the world are self-quarantining and staying at home. This, in turn, means they are spending more and more time online. Soon, live streaming numbers will break through the ceiling. Therefore, now is your best chance to take advantage of the trend.

This article is here to help you get started with live streaming, whether you're a content creator, gamer, business, church, or just a beginner streamer. We will guide you through the best resources to get started with live streaming or to improve your skills to start streaming like a pro. But before we begin, we want to remind everyone to use information about COVID-19 only from reliable sources. Follow the guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) to stay healthy and safe.

💡 Getting started with live streaming

Live streaming platforms

When it comes to choosing the right live streaming platform, we might get a bit stuck here. Should you live stream to Facebook or YouTube? Or maybe LinkedIn would be better for your business. The point is, you don't have to restrict yourself to just one platform. You can easily reach a wider audience by streaming live to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and 30+ other streaming services simultaneously. Here’s some helpful info for you to start with.

The only multistreaming guide you’ll ever need
Selecting and connecting streaming software
How to setup different streaming services

⚙️ Live streaming setup

Live streaming setup

The following articles can help you set up your streaming equipment correctly and with ease. We even have a troubleshooting guide for you to solve any issues and begin live streaming ASAP. So if you are new to live streaming, you might find the answers to your questions in the articles below.

How to Start Streaming: Comprehensive Guide
How to choose the best streaming software
How to stream from a console
7 best webcams for live streaming
Top 5 microphones for live streaming
Troubleshoot your live streaming problems

🎟 Host your virtual events

Live streaming of virtual event

Lots of people have unexpectedly started working from home recently. But that surely doesn’t mean frequent and effective communication is over. Nowadays, we have hundreds of tools to present information and reach our colleagues online. Here are some articles on how to optimize your employees’ remote work, create online event promotions, live stream conferences, and more. Nothing can stop the workflow — not even the coronavirus!

How to live stream an event: increasing your reach and impact
Get the most out of Zoom
Create notifications to let your audience know when you start your live stream
Broadcast video live to your website
Live stream pre-recorded videos to go live on Facebook, Youtube, and more!
Live stream a conference: get global attendance for your event
22 tips for effective online event promotion
Live streaming for your educational event: quick guide

🧘‍♂️ Become a better version of yourself

Become a better version of yourself

Quarantine has lots of downsides: social distancing, closed movie theaters and malls, and a toll taken on our mental health. However, it is also a perfect time to improve yourself. Read that book you’ve always wanted, learn some new skills, and get that home fitness going. If not now, when? Here are some pro tips on how to become better and grow not only as a live steamer but also as a person.

8 helpful tips on how to be more confident on camera
Ways to ruin or succeed in your streaming career
How to sound better on live streams
10 myths that shouldn't stop you from going live
How to get more followers on your live stream

📹 Improve your live stream

Improve your live streaming skills

The more popular live streaming becomes, the more useful tools are created. And today, there are already hundreds of cool things you could use and apply to make your live stream more entertaining. Moreover, the following set of articles and guides can help you become a master of the most popular live streaming platforms.

5 essential tips for better Facebook Live streaming
How to use a Green Screen: chroma keying for streamers
Optimize your live stream timing
Live Streaming and VOD: how to get the most out of both
Reach wider audiences with a YouTube broadcast
How to stream on Twitch: the ultimate guide
The ultimate guide to Facebook Live streaming
How to stream to LinkedIn Live using Restream

👾 Live streaming for content creators

Live streaming for content creators

For many of us, our usual way of life has been broken by COVID-19, and more people feel the impact with each passing day. Today, more than ever, people need some entertainment. We need emotions and other people to feel alive. That’s why any live streamer can wear a cape and be the hero the world is looking for. So if you are a content creator and are searching for some inspiration, check out the articles below.

Stream live your DJ sets easily
How to live stream your music: a full guide for musicians
Customize your live stream with amazing free templates on Placeit
Everything you need to know about GoPro streaming
9 ways you can make money live streaming
The 180 degree rule in live streaming explained

🤑 Live streaming for brands

Live streaming for business

Lots of businesses and organizations can and should adapt to the new reality to minimize their losses. But what if we told you that you could take advantage of the quarantine as well? Live streaming is a powerful marketing tool that is thriving during the COVID-19 situation. But what’s more important is that live streaming is a proven tool. Many world-famous brands had already started using live streaming videos to promote their products even before the quarantine. Here’s some helpful information if you want to follow in their footsteps.

How businesses can drive sales from live video streaming
10 best ways brands are using live streaming videos
How to live stream on Amazon Live
Why should your business live stream video in 2021?
Push your flash sales to a new level with live streaming
How to broadcast interviews and Q&As online
Take your audiences Behind the Scenes: why and how to do it
How to boost your new product launch with live streaming
How to best use live streaming for e-commerce

Please note: If you are a business or organization and are planning to use Restream, consider switching to a company plan.

More here:

⛪️ Live streaming church services

Live streaming church services

Religion guides many people through the most challenging times, helping us unite and survive. When we can’t reach our congregations physically, live streaming is the only safe way to worship together during a lonely time of self-isolation. When it’s better to stay home, the best way to reach your flock is with live streaming. These guides will help you do this:

Why streaming live church services is a must
How to begin streaming live church services
How to use Restream Events for worship live streaming

🙌 To conclude

We want to remind you to stay calm. Panic does no good for anyone. Use only proven information from reliable sources like the WHO. Remember why you are streaming and who you are streaming for. Stay strong. Stay at home.

K e e p   t h e   d i s t a n c e.

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