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Kick has made a name for itself as a creator-first streaming platform. It’s become a viable alternative to streaming on Twitch, the live video streaming behemoth that has dominated the market for several years. Since Kick is still a new platform, streamers have an excellent opportunity to get in on the ground floor and start building a community from scratch. If you want to attract an audience on Kick, you’ll need a first-rate streaming software to help you create professional-looking live videos. With Restream, you can go live on Kick with a customized stream in less than three minutes. You can also multistream to other platforms simultaneously, engage directly with your audience, save recordings of your streams and much more.

Streaming Software for Kick

With Restream Studio, you can go live on Kick and start chatting with all your viewers directly from your web browser. No download needed — start streaming with just a webcam and microphone. You don’t have to limit yourself to Kick, either. Restream integrates with over 30 popular streaming platforms including YouTube, Twitch and Facebook. Connect all your channels to Restream and then go live on each one simultaneously.

Restream Studio is also packed with tons of features to make your stream look more professional. You can add stream graphics and overlays, chat with your Kick viewers and viewers on other platforms, and save recordings of your live broadcasts.

Create your free Restream account and start live streaming on Kick.

How to stream on Kick with Restream

  1. Create a free Restream account.
  2. Connect your Kick account to Restream.
  3. Go live on Kick.

Best live streaming features for Kick

Make your Kick broadcast stand out when you use Restream’s live streaming studio to go live. You can customize and brand your stream so your videos are instantly recognizable by your audience. Build a community on Kick using Restream’s chat and engagement features. Make your stream look more professional without all the hassle — you don’t even have to download software to use Restream Studio for Kick. You can also easily save recordings of your Kick streams to edit for later. Restream also integrates with popular encoding software like OBS Studio so you can still use multichat, multistreaming and analytics features.

Customize your Kick stream

  • Upload your custom logo and stream graphics
  • Customize captions on your stream
  • Play background music on a loop
  • Choose from several screen layout options including split screen and picture-in-picture
  • Play a local video file on your stream

Build a community on Kick

  • Display the Kick chat as an overlay on your stream
  • Read and reply to messages from the Restream dashboard
  • Use commands and moderation tools to manage your live chat
  • Display comments as captions on-stream
  • Let a viewer join your stream on-camera with a simple invite link

No-hassle Kick streaming

  • Stream in vertical and horizontal format
  • Add Kick and your other favorite streaming platforms easily
  • Stream with two or more cameras
  • Stream in Full HD
  • Use key commands to control your stream

Record your live streams

  • Save recordings of your live streams
  • Export recorded live streams to Descript for editing and generating a transcript
  • Use Restream Studio’s features to create a professional video with “record-only” mode

Multistream on other platforms

Streaming on Kick has a lot of perks for content creators, but you don’t have to limit yourself to just one platform. Why not go live simultaneously on your other channels, like YouTube or Facebook?

Multistreaming helps you amplify your audience reach, but managing the live chat on each platform can be annoying. Restream combines all your live chats into a single chat window, so you can see messages from viewers across platforms in the same place. You can also reply to your multi-platform community with Restream’s chat client. Restream also helps you track your stream analytics, such as average viewers and hours streamed, so you can easily check on progress as a streamer.

If you prefer streaming with software like OBS Studio, you can still use Restream for multistreaming. Restream has an OBS plug-in that’s easy to use and lets you send your broadcast to Kick, YouTube, Facebook and all your preferred channels.


What is Kick streaming?

Kick is a live streaming platform similar to Twitch, Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Content creators can broadcast live videos to viewers. Each live video also has a chat that viewers can participate in. Streams on Kick span a range of genres, but the most popular are video games.

Does OBS work with Kick?

Yes, you can go live on Kick using OBS Studio. You have to add Kick as a Custom destination in OBS using your Kick Stream key and server URL.

What do I need to stream on Kick?

To live stream on Kick you need a streaming software such as Restream Studio or OBS Studio. You’ll also need your stream key and server URL from Kick to input into your streaming software.