What does LinkedIn offer to live streamers?

As a highly specialized social network with a laser-sharp focus on the professional or business side of things, LinkedIn is an excellent place to stream. It’s perfect for:

  • A specific audience with specific intent. People who come to LinkedIn are interested in their professional and business lives, and they come to the website to better their careers or businesses.
  • Targeted content. With its user base and audience intent, LinkedIn is the best place to stream educational or instructional content.
  • Getting in before the crowd. Early adopters are more likely to stand out and build recognition while the service is still reserved for approved streamers.

🤑 LinkedIn Live for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

LinkedIn Live was made with entrepreneurs and businesses in mind. Some of the best types of content entrepreneurs and businesses stream to LinkedIn Live include:

  • Earning calls, to let your investors know how well you’re doing
  • Event streams, to showcase new products, services, or company milestones
  • Chats, to broadcast your values, build a brand, and attract business or talent

📰 LinkedIn Live for Publishers and Media

If you’re a publisher of business-related content, you’ll find a big chunk of your audience on LinkedIn. As a member of the media or a publisher, the content you can stream on LinkedIn Live could include:

  • Reports from events you cover in a professional capacity
  • Interviews with people your audience might find interesting
  • News shows, to help your audience keep up with the world of business in general or their industries in particular

💥 LinkedIn Live for Content Creators

LinkedIn attracts people interested in thought leadership and becoming influencers in their fields. As a content creator on LinkedIn, developing your network and your personal brand are two of the most natural goals you can have. With LinkedIn Live, live video lets you establish your place as a thought leader by creating:

  • Talking head videos, where you share your unique insight into your industry.
  • Events you were invited to
  • Q&A sessions with the people who are already at the level you want to achieve