What does Twitter offer to live streamers?

Twitter is the place to go for the latest updates on just about everything. Celebrities, politicians, journalists, business people, and everyone in between uses Twitter to keep conversations going. With this reputation, Twitter has several advantages that make it an ideal place to live stream:

  • Mobile-friendly streaming for a mobile audience. Twitter’s audience is very mobile-oriented, and the mobile streaming option is accessible and easy to use.
  • Location tagging and hashtagging. Twitter lets you add your location and hashtags to your live stream — both powerful functions that make your streams easier to find.
  • The ability to have up to three viewers call into your live stream. This option alone gives Twitter some really interesting use cases, as we’ll see below.
  • Live stream populates as a tweet. Live videos show up as tweets on your profile and on your followers’ timelines so they don’t have to go searching for your broadcast.

A Twitter live video stream can be anything from a quick report of an event to a longer and more elaborately planned stream. Still, as a content creator, you should keep in mind that your Twitter audience is used to bite-sized content.

🎮 Twitter Live for Gamers

Twitter isn’t well-known as a gaming platform, and you may not have much success if you stream gameplay. If you really want to publish gaming-related live streams on Twitter, choosing to broadcast industry news or report from industry events might be your best shot at attracting viewers.

🤑 Twitter Live for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Twitter is the place where consumers and fans can communicate with their favorite brands. Why not throw live video into the mix and see what happens? Some types of live streamed content you can make on Twitter include:

  • Product demonstrations and tutorials, to bring your products closer to consumers
  • Live Q&As, as a form of interactive customer support
  • Videos with customer call-ins, because Twitter supports three guests on live streams, and customers appreciate the chance to give feedback
  • Live contests and giveaways, to maximize the impact of sales events and strategies

As you grow your business’s presence on Twitter, your live videos will achieve better results, and you’ll be able to experiment with different forms of video.

📰 Twitter Live for Publishers and Media

Twitter seems to have an immediacy that no other social network has, which is why it’s the place for important conversations. This platform is the natural habitat of publishers and media outlets. You can contribute by:

  • Reporting from unfolding events, keeping people on top of stories as they unfold
  • Covering scheduled events, from press conferences to parties and other events
  • Producing interviews, planned or impromptu
  • Creating online-only parts of TV shows, bonus content to regular programming

Publishers and members of the media have a lot of ground to explore when it comes to live video streaming. Twitter is the perfect place to do it.

💥 Twitter Live for Content Creators

Content creators form communities around their content, and Twitter has the tools and functionalities to do just that. As for the forms of content you can create, use Twitter for:

  • Quick streams prompted by breaking events, if your audience is interested in your take on evolving situations
  • AMAs, to let your user base contact you in a more direct way
  • Event coverage, especially if you work in a well-defined niche
  • Other types of video content, as long as you can pull it off live

As long as your audience uses it, there’s no reason Twitter shouldn’t be one of the platforms where content creators share video content.