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What is GIF?

A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a bitmap image format that supports both animated and static images. Although GIFs became popular and widely used as memes in the 2010s, they were initially developed and released in 1987. Apart from social media memes, GIFs are also often used to display graphics or logos on the web.

It wouldn’t seem like it, but a GIF file is actually much larger than an MP4. GIFs are mostly used on the web and since they’re image files rather than video files, they aren’t compatible with popular players like VLC. To view a GIF, you can use programs like Adobe Photoshop or GIPHY.

What is MP4?

MP4 is one of the most widely used video file formats. You can upload MP4 videos to popular social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook. Media players like Windows Media Player, VLC, QuickTime, iPhone, iPad and Android are also compatible with MP4 video files.

MP4s are popular not only for their compatibility with most devices but also for their ability to hold high-resolution videos without taking up much storage space. MP4 stands for MPEG4, and an MP4 file can contain video, audio, images and subtitles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert GIF to MP4 online?

  1. Choose a GIF file from your computer or drag and drop it into Restream’s video converter.
  2. Select Convert and the converter will start processing.
  3. Download your MP4 file when it’s ready.

Will my file lose quality when I convert GIF to MP4?

Depending on which file type you’re starting with, you might lose a little bit of quality when converting to MP4, but it’s such a small amount that it’s not noticeable.

Is MP4 better than GIF?

GIF is an image format whereas MP4 is a video format. You lose some quality when compressing an MP4 because it’s a lossy file format; a GIF, on the other hand, is lossless. While GIFs can be more accessible than MP4s, they’re also 5-10 times larger and therefore take up more bandwidth.

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