Hello, and welcome to our referral program guide, where you can find answers to all your questions regarding both referral and affiliate programs. In this article, we describe the main differences between the two programs, as well as how live streamers can benefit from them. In addition, we shed some light on the road to partnership and cover some of the coolest perks Restream affiliates have. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Let’s start by covering the difference between affiliate and referral links. An affiliate link is a URL that contains your ID or username and leads to the advertiser’s website. In other words, it is a personal link that redirects any user to us from your platform. You just simply place an affiliate link somewhere on your website for users to click on. Such links can grant newcomers some discounts and other perks.

A referral link, on the other hand, is a URL you share personally with your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. Generally speaking, a referral link is an invitation to try out the product or service you believe is good. In Restream, any registered customer can use referral links right from the get-go.

So, how do affiliate and referral programs work? An affiliate program is basically becoming an ambassador or champion of the brand and acting almost as its representative. In return, you get much more support from the brand and custom privileges. A referral program is a special system of perks for customers who manually refer new users. For inviting a friend, you can get free credits usable for purchasing paid subscription plans and other features.

Examples of existing referral and affiliate programs

Launching a referral program can greatly increase sales and signups in a very short period. That’s why nearly every top company runs a referral program or sometimes even multiple (e.g., Uber’s referral programs for both drivers and users). Some businesses offer free money, whereas others offer discounts, free subscriptions, or some other unique features. Here is a short list of some great referral programs to give you a good idea of the perks they can offer.

  1. World of Warcraft. Blizzard offers tons of in-game rewards for inviting up to 10 people to the game, including free game time, with their Recruit A Friend referral program.
  2. Dropbox. You can get up to 16 GB (500 MB per friend) of free storage space for inviting people if you are using a free account. The Dropbox referral program has been simple yet incredibly efficient, as it has allowed the company to grow 3900% over 15 months!
  3. Amazon Influencer Program. Quite possibly the biggest e-commerce market has launched its affiliate program, allowing you to get rewards for recommending products for sale. With the Amazon Influencer Program, you can earn money when customers shop through your Amazon page (storefront). You should have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube account with enough influence to get your own Amazon page with a custom URL.
  4. Google Apps. For referring a friend, you can get anything from $8 to $2,300 directly in your bank account. The G Suite Referral Program basically gives you free money if your friend is a paying G Suite customer for at least 90 days.
  5. Fiverr. It is possible to receive up to $100 for inviting a friend on Fiverr. Overall, the Fiverr referral program allows you to earn even more in shopping credits if you ask politely.

Restream referral program

Now let’s move to the important part of this article and talk about how the Restream referral program works. You can get up to $49 for each friend who upgrades to our paid subscription plan. Moreover, your friend receives a $10 credit after signing up via your referral link and completing their first live stream! A win-win situation, don’t you think?

Our referral program offers some amazing additional features that set Restream apart from other services. You can track your stats and see how many friends have already signed up and upgraded. The more friends you invite, the more free credits you receive. So grab your unique referral link and send it all over the place. You can find the link on the referral page after you log in to your account.

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Path to partnership

We’ve covered practically all the benefits of using referral programs. However, many companies, including Restream, may offer one more cool incentive. The last and definitely the biggest perk is a chance to become an affiliate. For instance, we at Restream carefully monitor top performers in regards to the referral program and offer them some exclusive partnership privileges to show our gratitude.

You do something good for us, we do something even better for you in return. So, if you invite more than 200 new active users, we will contact you to offer a collaboration. This may include an option of cashing out your Restream credits, gaining a brand ambassador status with different free features available, or even sponsorships!

Wrapping things up

Live streamers can greatly benefit from participating in referral and affiliate programs. Such programs have different terms and conditions depending on a company’s plans, so the rewards can vary a lot. Some companies grant free subscriptions, whereas others send free money directly to a bank account. We offer up to $49 for each friend who purchases a paid subscription. Moreover, your friend gets a $10 credit after signing up via your personal link and completing their first live session!

In addition to free time with Restream, we can offer more exclusive perks for top performers of our referral program. We’re constantly monitoring the results of the program and contacting the most successful users to offer them a collaboration. After inviting 200 friends, we can offer you a possibility to turn the virtual credits into real money or even become our brand ambassador! If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to ask them in our live chat.