To get approved as a broadcaster on LinkedIn Live, you have to meet certain requirements. The four main criteria are:

  1. More than 150 followers and/or connections
  2. Recent activity sharing original content on LinkedIn, including posts with text, images, or videos, or publishing articles
  3. Good-standing record abiding by the Professional Community Policies of LinkedIn
  4. Not geographically based in mainland China

If you want to go beyond the minimum requirements and ensure your application is approved, follow these tips:

  • Check to see if you’re already approved. If you’re active on LinkedIn and have a large follower base, you may already have approval for broadcasting on LinkedIn Live. You can verify by going to If you don’t have access, you’ll see a message saying you’re not allowed to go live on LinkedIn.
  • Live stream on other platforms. If you have a solid presence on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter where you publish live video content regularly, the LinkedIn administrators can be more confident you’ll go live regularly on LinkedIn as well.
  • Engage with other LinkedIn Live streamers. See who in your network goes live on LinkedIn, and when they do, join the conversation! Show your enthusiasm for live streaming in general.
  • Apply again. If you applied a few months ago and didn’t get approved, but you’ve ramped up your activity on LinkedIn since then, try applying again.

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