The best way to increase your audience reach and stream to LinkedIn simultaneously with other platforms is streaming with OBS and Restream.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Add LinkedIn Live as a channel on your Restream dashboard:

    a. Log into your Restream account (or create one if you don’t have an account already).

    b. On your dashboard, click “Add channel.” You’ll see a list of streaming platforms that integrate with Restream.

    c. Select LinkedIn Live from the list of available channels.

    d. Connect your LinkedIn account to Restream and give Restream permission to access your account.
  2. Connect Restream to OBS.
  3. Add your audio and video sources to OBS by clicking the + sign in the Sources box at the bottom of the OBS dashboard.
  4. Choose your bitrate and resolution settings from the Video tab in the OBS Settings. LinkedIn’s recommended bitrate is 3.5 Mbps minimum and 6 Mbps maximum. Resolution should be 720p, and the maximum allowed is 1080p.
  5. Go live from OBS, and your broadcast will stream to your LinkedIn profile, page, or event (Note: If you use RTMP to connect LinkedIn and OBS, you cannot stream to a LinkedIn Event. Using Restream helps you bypass this limitation).

With LinkedIn Live connected to Restream, and Restream connected to OBS, you’re ready to start streaming! Many live content creators use the OBS Studio desktop application because they have full control over their streams. It’s not the most beginner-friendly live streaming software, however.

👉 Pro tip:

If you’re new to live streaming and want to go live on LinkedIn without downloading any software, Restream can help. Simply repeat step one above, then go live with Restream Studio. Our browser-based Live Studio has plenty of features to help you produce a professional-quality stream. And it only takes a few clicks to set it up.