YouTube makes it easy to live stream if you’re a beginner. You can go live with a webcam and desktop or laptop computer using YouTube’s Live Studio, or you can stream from a mobile device.

YouTube webcam streaming

  • After you’ve signed into your YouTube account and verified your channel, click on the Create button in the top left corner.
  • Click Go Live.
How to stream on YouTube
  • Once in the YouTube Studio, click on Webcam on the left side.
  • Set up your stream by creating a title, selecting a privacy setting, and toggling advanced features like chat and monetization. Then, click Next.
  • YouTube will access your camera and take a picture of you for your live stream’s thumbnail, or you can upload a custom thumbnail in 16:9 orientation.
  • Hit the Go Live button!

YouTube mobile streaming

  • To go live on YouTube from mobile, you need at least 1,000 subscribers, no live streaming restrictions within the last 90 days, and an Android 5.0+ device.
  • Open the YouTube app and tap Create, then Go Live at the bottom.
  • Set up your live stream by choosing options for the live chat and age restrictions, or choose a time and date to schedule for later.
  • Tap Go Live!

You can also live stream to YouTube using an encoding software such as OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS. This option provides more opportunities for customization, but you’ll need a stream key to set it up.

👉 Pro tip:

Want to go live on YouTube with customization options but without complicated encoding software? You can connect your YouTube account to Restream Studio and go live in a matter of a few clicks — no downloads or stream keys needed. Plus, Restream Studio has tons of features to let you fully optimize your stream, making it look professional and engaging:

  • Upload your logo and graphics
  • Include a chat overlay
  • Invite guests to your stream (up to six with the free plan, up to nine with a paid plan)
  • Play copyright-free background music
  • Upload videos for transitions and pre-rolls
  • Share your screen or do split-screen with guests

The best part? You don’t have to limit yourself to YouTube. You can also connect your Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, and other accounts to Restream to stream at once.