What does YouTube offer to live streamers?

YouTube has successfully fostered and grown a healthy live streaming community in the years since live video was introduced. To anyone interested in using YouTube for live streaming, the platform offers some impressive and useful options:

  • An incredible reach – over 122 million daily active users, watching more than one billion hours of content a day.
  • Monetization options – YouTube works great with Google Ads, and it also allows Super Chat for live streams.
  • High-quality streaming – support for streaming up to a resolution of 4k, with a max bitrate exceeding 10 Mbps.
  • User notifications – Your subscribers get notified as soon as you go live.
  • SEO visibility boost – YouTube live streams and videos rank on Google, so your stream will be easier for your target viewers to find.

YouTube today is home to an incredible number of video channels that post and stream both business and personal content. With such a wide user base, just about anyone can be successful on YouTube Live, no matter their niche.

🎮 YouTube Live for Gamers

For gamers, the exposure, monetization options, and quality of video are among the top reasons to choose YouTube. Types of content that go over well on gaming channels include:

  • “Let’s play” videos
  • Live industry event coverage
  • “Ask me anything” (AMA) videos
  • Opinion streams, usually as a reaction to something happening in the industry

Overall, gamers have plenty of reasons to use YouTube, but it might be best to use it in combination with another, more specialized network. Gamers can easily stream on YouTube and Twitch at the same time for maximum effect.

🤑 YouTube Live for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Video content has been the hottest type of content in marketing and business for the past few years, and there’s no better place to post video content than on YouTube. Types of live video that marketers and businesses can produce include:

  • Product demonstrations coupled with promo codes
  • Streaming from industry events
  • Online product launches
  • Masterclasses and AMAs

For the best results, marketers should pair YouTube with another platform in a multistreaming setup.

📰 YouTube Live for Publishers and Media

The digital revolution brought plenty of challenges for media and traditional publishers, but it also gave a solution. Live streaming on YouTube is what publishers and media channels are uniquely adept for, with the know-how and access required to make cutting-edge, newsworthy content. Some of the things they could stream include:

  • News reporting and analysis
  • Live interviews and panels
  • Event coverage
  • Viral content for brand awareness

💥 YouTube Live for Content Creators

People who are passionate about TV shows, movies, music, makeup, writing, books, or anything else in the world can make video content and post it on YouTube — content creators are the backbone of YouTube. Most of your content may not be live, but streaming every now and then is good for engaging with your audience. The types of content you should think about streaming include:

  • AMAs, Q&As, or any other form where creators answer questions from audience
  • Collaboration live streams with other prominent content creators
  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • Reports from industry events