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X (Twitter)

How to find live streams to watch on X (Twitter)

All live videos on X (Twitter) show up as tweets. That means if someone you follow starts a live broadcast on X (Twitter), it will appear on your timeline. If you search for a specific user who is live, their live video will show up as a tweet on their profile as well.

You can find live videos of people you don’t follow on X (Twitter) by going to the Explore tab.

Here, you’ll see the hashtags trending in your area or related to accounts you follow. You’ll also see topics receiving live coverage.

If you want your audience to tune into your X (Twitter) Live broadcasts, you should promote your live streams beforehand and stream to multiple platforms at once. By going live on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, as well as X (Twitter), you increase the chances that your viewers will find and watch your stream. With Restream, you can choose from 30+ social channels to multistream.