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The best live streaming software for YouTube Live

To have complete control over your live stream on YouTube you need third-party software or a streaming solution. The best options for YouTube live are:

  • Restream Studio: The beginner-friendly Restream Studio lets you go live on YouTube from a web browser and offers customization options so you can produce a professional live stream.
  • OBS Studio: The original live streaming software, OBS Studio puts you in full control of your YouTube Live stream. But there’s a bit of a learning curve.
  • Streamlabs: Based on OBS Studio, Streamlabs is more user-friendly, and connecting the software to YouTube is easy.
  • PRISM Live Studio: A streaming software for IRL and gaming streaming, offering stable quality and features like customization effects, overlays, and chroma key.

Want to get more out of your YouTube Live stream? You expand your reach and let your viewers watch you on whichever platform they prefer by broadcasting to multiple platforms at once. Choose from 30+ social channels (YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and many others) to stream at once. Once you’ve connected your favorite channels, you can go live with Restream Studio directly from your browser.