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How to schedule pre-recorded video on Facebook Live

You can’t always go live when you want to. Vacation, sick days or life just gets in the way. But you know most of your audience will be online at a certain time and you don’t want to risk losing viewers. Or, you want to rebroadcast your stream at a later time for viewers in a different time zone.

When you can’t go live on Facebook at your usual time, you can film your broadcast in advance and schedule it to go live. Uploading and streaming your video is also a way to boost engagement — you can focus on the chat and answering viewer questions while your pre-recorded video plays.

How to live stream a pre-recorded video on Facebook

With Restream’s Upload and Stream, you can schedule pre-recorded videos to go live on Facebook and other platforms. Restream is a live streaming software that lets you broadcast to platforms like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, LinkedIn and more directly from your browser. You can customize your stream to your branding style and multistream on other channels in addition to Facebook simultaneously.

To use Restream’s Upload and Stream, all you have to do is:

  1. Sign up or log in to your Restream account.
  2. Upload a video to Restream.
  3. Create a new live stream event.
  4. Choose your streaming destinations (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc.).
  5. Wait for your video to go live.

Read our detailed instructions on how to upload and stream a pre-recorded video using Restream.

When you go live using Restream Studio, our browser-based live streaming software, you can also record your live session and save it in our cloud storage. Then, you can schedule the recording to go live at a later time for your viewers in different time zones.