How to take time off as a streamer

All streamers know that in order to gain and keep an audience, best practice is to post content consistently. Consider also that the most effective content for engagement is live video, with viewers spending 3x longer watching live video over pre-recorded video. Two sentences in and your gears are already turning:

If one should post regularly and live video is best, but I have to physically be present to create it — when will I get a break?

That vacation is closer than you think. Improve the timing, production value, and scalability of your live streams with Restream Scheduler.

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What is Restream Scheduler?

Restream Scheduler enables users to pre-record their videos and stream content without having to be physically present at the time of posting. Furthermore, with Scheduler, the need for broadcasting software is eliminated. It’s an ideal instrument for streamers looking for a way to streamline the day-to-day of content creation.

The main benefits of pre-recording and scheduling live video

By creating and scheduling pre-recorded content, streamers are given much more flexibility, time, and freedom. Some of the key benefits of using Scheduler are:

1. Creating videos with a higher level of professionalism

Scripting, preparing, and pre-recording your videos translates to a cleaner, more professional video. With the ability to truly plan, you will be able to cater videos to each platform as desired and boost channel-specific performance.

2. No additional bandwidth needed to stream

Unlike with live video, there is no need for additional bandwidth with Scheduler. If you’re in an area where bandwidth is limited, your ability to post is not affected.

3. Target different time zones and audiences easily

Previously, if you wanted to reach an audience that was on the other side of the globe, you would have to stay up super late or get up super early to post. This meant you were likely delirious, possibly unprofessional, and possibly not giving the audience your best. With Scheduler, you’re able to pre-record your content when you’re at the top of your game, so that your audience gets what they deserve — amazing, professional content.

4. You can take a vacation

It sounds too good to be true, right? What might be the most rewarding benefit of using the Scheduler is that, if you’re willing to do a bit of leg work ahead of time, you can schedule a day’s, week’s, or month’s worth of content then take a vacation.

How to get started with Scheduler

Using Scheduler is easy. Before you are able to schedule content, however, you will need a video and a Restream account. Once you’re ready, scheduling your videos only take a few steps.

  1. Log in to Restream and find Scheduler icon on the left menu.
  2. Visit the Videos tab, upload your video, and wait for it to process.
  3. Finalize and approve your video.
  4. Visit the Schedule tab, and click Schedule Event.
  5. Follow the prompts to plan your event in your calendar.

You can schedule events at any time, on any day and have more than one event scheduled at a time, e.g. multiple events to fill an entire week.

Restream Scheduler will do the rest.
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