If you are Twitch affiliate streamer, you are probably familiar with the platform’s 24-hour Live Content Exclusivity policy. Many Twitch affiliates want to expand their live video to more platforms, but it requires live streaming to each destination — right? Nope! Learn how to reuse your Twitch streams to grow new live video platforms.

Twitch affiliates might feel trapped by Twitch’s exclusivity policy mandating streamers wait 24 hours before sharing the same content on another platform. At face value, it seems that the only way to build out live video on new platforms like YouTube or Facebook Gaming requires setting up an entirely new stream for each destination.

“Twitch is my best channel. I am an affiliate there. However, I haven’t been able to really build up my other live channels because, for Twitch, I have to wait before I can share the repeat anywhere else. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do so many additional live streams on other networks, so I upload the Twitch stream as a video on my YouTube 24 hours after it goes live. Compared to the original live stream, it’s definitely lame.”

You don’t need to do a bunch of the-same-but-different streams on multiple channels to avoid the Twitch exclusivity clause and neither do you need to resign your other platforms to just good ol’ video uploads.

You can easily reuse your high-quality Twitch content to stream live on multiple channels — saving time and improving engagement on your other platforms. In 3 easy steps, you can prepare your Twitch streams to go live automatically to other channels after the exclusivity period ends.

1. Save your Twitch streams

In order to reuse your live video content, you first need to properly save it. Whenever you have a Twitch stream that you want to stream live to another platform, like Facebook Live, or YouTube, make sure you record your stream to a local drive. Here are some helpful video parameters to prepare you for live streaming your pre-recorded video.

2. Set up your Restream Events

With a powerful and intuitive scheduling tool, like Restream Events, Twitch affiliate gamers can take their Twitch recordings and stream them live to several platforms.

This is so cool. I couldn’t believe that I could stream my Twitch repeats live — even with my computer off or while I do other things! Restream’s Events is a genius and a game-changer.

How to get started with Restream Events

Using Restream’s Events is simple. Before you are able to schedule your content to go live, you need the Twitch recording(s) and a Restream account. When you’re ready, setting up your schedule calendar only takes a few steps.

  1. Log in to Restream and find Events icon on the left menu
  2. Click the “Schedule Live Event” button
  3. Choose “Schedule a Recorded Video” and upload your video
  4. You can go live straight away or schedule the event for later
  5. Select all the platforms you would like to stream this event to
  6. Double check everything and press “Save”

You can plan repeats to other platforms at any time, on any day. Plus, with Restream Events, you can stream live to YouTube, and 30 other destinations simultaneously and create multiple events to fill an entire week’s worth of content.

When I finish live streaming on Twitch, I go to Restream Events and upload the saved video file. With just a few clicks, I can schedule that video to go live the following day at the same time to multiple different platforms. The next day, I don’t have to worry about streaming live repeats of my original stream — everything happens automatically.
Schedule your videos live
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3. Watch (all) your live platforms grow

Once you have scheduled your Twitch streams to repeat live to additional platforms, you can focus on other important tasks. For example, with your Restream account, it’s easy to follow Analytics for all your streams and optimize your streams according to what works best.

Likewise, you may decide to power charge your viewer engagement with Restream Chat. When you don’t have to worry about being on camera, you can more easily reply and interact with your audience. By doing both, you can boost cross-platform engagement for all your viewers, get more data to fuel your Analytics and, consequently, improve your growth.

It’s been amazing to be able to really focus on what my viewers are saying and how they respond to my gameplay. I’m able to build stronger relationships with my audience. My followers must think I have 8 hands — really, I just have Restream!

Get the most from your valuable Twitch streams by reusing them to live stream on all your other platforms!

If you have questions about how Restream can work for your team, get in touch. We’re happy to help!