If your Twitch live streams draw a lot of viewers, you’re probably wondering how to replicate that success on other platforms. Because of Twitch’s Live Content Exclusivity, affiliate streamers can’t stream the same content on Twitch and any other platform within the same 24 hours. Does that mean you have no choice but to create entirely new content or repeat your live streams on YouTube or Facebook a day after you do them on Twitch? Nope!

You can reuse your Twitch streams on other platforms — without a ton of extra work.

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🔥 Reusing Twitch streams

You can easily reuse your high-quality Twitch content to stream live on multiple channels — it’s a terrific way to save time and improve engagement on your other platforms.

Best of all, you can set your Twitch streams to go live automatically on your other channels after the 24-hour exclusivity period ends. It just takes two steps:

1. Save your Twitch streams

To reuse your live video content, you’ll need to record and save it properly on your local drive. These video requirements will help prepare your live stream for pre-recorded video.

If you go live on Twitch using Restream Studio, we’ll save a recording of your stream automatically (you’ll need a Restream Standard plan or above). At this point, you can download the video to make edits, if you like.

2. Upload and Stream

Once you have your recorded video, Restream’s Upload and Stream product makes it a breeze to live stream on the right channels at the right time.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Restream account and select the Stream a Video File button.
  2. Select a recording to stream, or upload a new video from your computer.
  3. Set the stream’s title, description and thumbnail, then choose which channels to stream on and pick a date and time for your stream to begin.
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That’s it! Restream will take care of the rest. You’ll get a reminder email right before your recorded stream goes live. You can jump into the chat to interact with your audience if you like, or just sit back and relax while your stream goes off without a hitch.

😎 Repurposing Twitch streams

In addition to broadcasting your recorded Twitch streams on other live streaming platforms, you can repurpose your live stream into other types of content for your social media accounts, website or blog. There are a lot of creative ways to repurpose live video content, and we’ve included some of the most popular below.

1. Edit it and post as VOD

Instead of rebroadcasting your Twitch stream on YouTube or Facebook, you can download and edit the stream and publish it as a video on demand (VOD). Shorten the length of the stream, cut out any mistakes or long pauses, and post it to your YouTube channel to rack up more views.

2. Share quotes on Twitter

A quick way to make several social media posts out of a previous live stream is to take a funny or inspiring quote from the stream and add it to a screenshot from the live video. Do this with multiple quotes or moments from your live stream to post several times on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

3. Make an Instagram teaser

Make a 60-second teaser video from your live stream recording to post on Instagram. Keep it at 60 seconds or less so it shows up on your followers’ feeds. To post a longer teaser video, upload it to IGTV — or make two versions and post to both your feed and IGTV!

4. Convert it to a podcast

Rip the audio from your Twitch stream recording and edit it into a podcast. You’ll need to ensure the audio quality is good and remove any “live” moments like silence, background noises or volume jumps. If you use Restream Studio to go live, you can automatically make a split-track recording of your stream, so if you have more than one person on your stream, you can edit their tracks separately for a higher-quality podcast.

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5. Blog it

Post an edited version of your Twitch stream on your blog. Use a smart editing and transcription tool like Descript, which lets you edit your video just like editing a Word document. Adding the transcription to your blog post is an easy way to incorporate keywords, so your post will be easier for people to find.

6. Compile old videos

If you have multiple Twitch stream recordings, go through them and make a highlights reel or compilation. When you upload videos to Descript, for example, and get the transcriptions for them, you can do a keyword search of all the transcribed text. This lets you find any moments in your videos where you mentioned a certain word or topic, so you can pull those snippets out and edit them into a compilation.

7. Start an email campaign

Emails are an effective marketing strategy. If you already have an email list, send your edited live stream recording to your subscribers. You can’t typically embed videos in emails, but you can add a thumbnail and link to the replay.

📈 Watch (all) your live platforms grow

Reusing and repurposing Twitch streams frees up your time to focus on other important tasks. For example, you can use Restream analytics to get valuable insights on all your streams and optimize according to what is working best. You can also focus on viewer engagement and chatting with your audience across multiple channels using Restream chat.

When you don’t have to worry about being on camera — which you won’t, if you’re live streaming a recorded video! — you can more easily reply and interact with your viewers. You can also work on setting goals as a streamer that help you improve and grow your channel.

Get the most from your valuable Twitch streams by reusing and repurposing the content for live streaming on all your other platforms!