Every professional streamer knows there are many crucial components when it comes to successful live streaming. Today, we are talking specifically about the one you cannot grow your audience and build a community without — consistency. This factor means so much more than just a high number of streams per week. Consistency means your viewers can be sure you will be online on time.

Nowadays, the competition in live streaming is ruthless. In order to thrive under such tough conditions, we believe you should have full control over your streams. Surely, the stream quality should be top-notch to compete with the best. But consistency has proven to be as important in the long run. Restream Scheduler is a perfect tool to help you put your competitors at a disadvantage.

What is Restream Scheduler?

Restream Scheduler is a simple yet powerful live streaming tool that allows you to broadcast your pre-recorded, professional video content to 30+ top platforms at the same time. In other words, you can schedule a video to be simultaneously live streamed on, for example, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, LinkedIn, etc. The best thing about Restream Scheduler is that you can be away from your computer and still live stream.

Grow your audience, and keep them engaged with scheduled content!

We at Restream want streamers to have everything at hand. That’s why we’ve created amazing tools like Studio, Analytics, Chat, and Scheduler. Each of them facilitates your live streams and helps you both minimize the amount of time you spend and maximize your audience reach. Restream Scheduler, in particular, allows you to enjoy your days off of streaming while still effectively broadcasting your content all over the world.

How does Restream Scheduler work?

How Restream Scheduler works

We’ve tried our best to make Restream Scheduler as easy to use as possible so anyone can intuitively understand every feature it has to offer. Let’s quickly go through the process of using Restream Scheduler.

  1. Firstly, prepare a pre-recorded video you would like to be live streamed later on. It could be virtually any kind of video: from recorded live sessions to edited stream highlights and product ads.
  2. Then, log in to your Restream Scheduler account. There you can upload and add your prepared video to the Scheduler queue.
  3. Now you can schedule your video. Choose both the date and time when you want the video to be streamed. You can also select the channels to stream to.
  4. Simple as that! Now you can be sure your pre-recorded video will be streamed at the scheduled time.
  5. Check our support guide for more detailed instructions on how to schedule an event.
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Who can benefit from using Restream Scheduler?

Whether you are a huge business corporation or a solo streamer, we’ve designed Restream Scheduler to help anyone who shares their live content with the world. Gamers, beauty vloggers, musicians, public speakers, talk show hosts, churches, production companies — the list is virtually endless. Therefore, let’s cover the most common Restream Scheduler use cases.

🏝 Taking a day off

We all understand there are days when you simply cannot live stream. After all, we are not machines. Luckily, Restream Scheduler is the machine that will gladly do the job for you when you need it the most. Live streaming with Restream Scheduler during your vacations and days off is the most reliable way to stay consistent.

🕛 Turning your streams into a 24/7 live show

Did you know you could turn your live stream sessions into a 24/7 live show and stay in touch with your audience day and night? By using Restream Scheduler you can do exactly that! You can either repurpose your old videos or simply loop your pre-recorded live session and truly maximize your audience reach.

🌎 Targeting different time zones

Restream Scheduler allows you to target viewers depending on their time zones to make sure they are able to watch your streams. For instance, you can live stream at your local peak audience time and then upload the recorded version to Restream Scheduler and live stream it later to cover other time zones.

⏱ Organizing your streaming schedule

With Restream Scheduler you can easily take breaks between your streams any time you want. However, to keep things comfortable, we recommend creating an organized schedule of your streaming time and mandatory breaks. This results in an ongoing, automated, and optimized flow of live content you and your audience will greatly benefit from.

📹 Creating flawless video content

Pre-recorded videos have one great advantage over live content. Thanks to the thorough production process, you can create virtually perfect video content just the way you want it to be. Forget about all the annoying flaws and mistakes that happen during traditional live sessions all the time.

Wrapping up…

Live streaming requires a lot of energy and time to achieve success. Hopefully, Restream Scheduler can help you save up a little bit of those resources for yourself. This simple and effective tool allows you to upload your pre-recorded videos and multistream them later to any number of your favorite platforms, like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, at any time and date.

We believe anyone involved in live streaming can benefit from using Restream Scheduler. Some of the most popular Restream Scheduler use cases include:

  • Live streaming during days off and vacations
  • Turning live streams into a 24/7 show
  • Targeting audiences across different time zones
  • Organizing a robust streaming schedule
  • Creating flawless video content

To start using Restream Scheduler, simply log in to your account and upload your first video. Don’t hesitate to ask for help in our 24/7 Live Chat if you have any questions.